With an aim to create a pollution free environment the government of India is looking at options to gradually move to the electric vehicle domain. Well one company that has been keen with the EV market is Mahindra and Mahindra.

The country’s sole electric vehicles manufacturer Mahindra and Mahindra has forged a partnership with Uber, with the aim of deploying hundreds of its electric hatchback e2oPlus and electric sedan eVerito on the cab aggregator’s platform in New Delhi and Hyderabad.

Speaking on the occasion, Mahindra and Mahindra MD Pawan Goenka mentioned,

“As pioneers of electric vehicles in the country, we would like to be at the forefront, leading this charge towards smart and sustainable mobility.”

In addition to supplying the electric vehicles at competitive prices, the Mumbai-headquartered automotive giant will be providing insurance, maintenance and financing services to Uber and other companies that are part of the alliance.

Mahindra had originally announced plans to enter the cab aggregator space with EVs in July 2017. This latest development comes days after Uber’s biggest competitor Ola joined hands with Tata Motors to launch Nano Electric Vehicle as part of its taxi fleet in Delhi/NCR. As per reports, the EV version of Tata Nano has been named Jayem Neo. For the project, Tata Motors will supply the Nano’s chassis and body shell without the engine and transmission. The actual EV will be manufactured by Coimbatore-based Jayem Automotives.

The two cab aggregator giants are now at loggerheads as far as the quest to be the first to adopt to Electric vehicles is concerned and days to come with definitely tell who emerges victorious of the two. Well the good news for the country and general public is that we will have more electric vehicles on the roads which will ensure lesser pollution.

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