Human body is susceptible to diseases and deformities, and one’s companion in this ordeal is Medicine. If you are buying medicines regularly and are stressed about both, the rising prices and inconvenience of buying them every month after standing in the long queue at medical stores, choose Chemists World- a one-stop online chemist store that offers the best discount to their regular customers, with the very convenient home delivery services.

Chemists World is one of the best online medical stores offering genuine medicines at very affordable rates. Started in November 2015, this online pharmacy is serving over all

Founder Chemists World

the major cities and towns in India. ChemistsWorld is a joint venture of Dev Bhushan and Sanjeev Sharma. With an innovative approach, the founders of “ChemistsWorld” come together to bring medical services online. Whether you’re looking for prescription drugs or over the counter (OTC) medicines, Chemists World is the best online pharmacy in India to go. The store hosts medicines, daily wellness aids, herbal supplements, healthcare supplements, and healthcare devices from popular and authentic brands. You can easily place your order through the website or use our Android app. Ordering your medicines is as simple as 123. For prescription drugs, they require a photocopy of your prescription, however, you can buy any OTC/non-prescription drugs without a prescription from your doctor.

ChemistsWorld team is compromises of marketing professionals, experienced pharmacists, medical content writers and experienced customer dealing team. At “Chemists World” the team is transforming healthcare solutions. An online pharmacy dedicated to providing all your medical needs at your doorstep. They deliver medicines at 11674+ locations across India. At Chemists World one can avail prescribed medicines and OTC products at discounted price. With an innovative approach, the founders of “Chemists World” come together to bring medical services online. Because every day you deserves world class care.

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