Alexa, the new genius that amazon has created a well crafted niche for itself majorly among the urban populace. With Alexa, Amazon has built an early lead in voice-based computing. Alexa is the smart assistant that’s built into its popular Echo smart speakers and other devices. To help build and maintain that lead, Amazon is hoping to nurture a thriving community of developers creating skills, or apps, for Alexa. Its goal is to help Alexa skills developers create solid, sustainable businesses.

While discussing this, Rob Pulciani, Amazon’s general manager of Alexa skills mentioned,

“What’s good for developers is ultimately good for consumers,” He further added, “Every new skill makes Alexa a little smarter, a little more fun, a little more entertaining.”

Amazon and Google, which offers a rival voice-based computing technology called Google Assistant that’s built into its Home smart speakers, are going to show off the latest developments for their respective systems. Meanwhile, numerous gadgetmakers will likely announce that they’ve built one or both of the voice agents into their TVs, phones, thermostats, and other gadgets.

Alexa has a leg up on Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri , the voice technology that’s built into the iPhone and will be at the center of the company’s upcoming HomePod speaker. Amazon’s Echo smart speakers have far outsold rivals, most notably Google’s Home devices. And thus far, Amazon’s done a better job than Google or Apple of encouraging developers to create apps for its assistant. Developers, which include Lyft and Capital One, have built about 30,000 Alexa skills Each of those skills allows Alexa to do something different and, collectively, can be a powerful tool for Amazon to retain customers.

Amazon is trying to encourage the growth of the Alexa developer community is helping developers make money off their skills. For this, Amazon started allowing programmers to create apps for Alexa in 2015, but it initially insisted they offer them to customers for free. That pleased Alexa users, but it discouraged developers from putting much serious effort into creating or building Alexa apps, since they couldn’t get paid for them. But now with a view to create extra income for its developers, Amazon has been taking halting steps towards allowing programmers to build businesses creating Alexa skills.

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