NASSCOM in partnership with Indiaspora organised the Tech Triangle Summit today, in a bid to strengthen the trilateral ties between India, Israel and the US for innovation and entrepreneurship. This event coincides with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s six-day visit to India.

The summit witnessed the confluence of senior level entrepreneurs, government officials and investors, including R. Chandrashekhar, President of NASSCOM; Rajan Navani, Board Member of Indiaspora; MR Rangaswami, Founder of Indiaspora and Israel Y. Ganot, Managing Director of Mass Challenge.

During the course of the event, a number of other areas of trilateral collaboration – in technology, entrepreneurship and investment realms – were also highlighted. Speaking on the occasion, NASSCOM President R. Chandrashekhar mentioned,

“While the relationships and collaboration between India, Israel and US, ranging from economic to socio-cultural exchanges have nurtured mutual ties over several decades, today the three nations are natural allies more than ever before, as they share commonalities as well as complementarities. By streamlining intellectual and economic exchange, as well as forging new alliances that foster collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship, we can create an osmosis of ideas within this tech triangle unlocking the joint potential of the three allies.”

Adding to this, Israel Y. Ganot, Managing Director at Mass Challenge mentioned,

“Building on the blossoming economic ties between Israel and India, we are proud to partner with NASSCOM and Deshpande Foundation. With MassChallenge Israel’s award-winning, zero-equity resources and role as a leader in Startup Nation, Indian startups will be able to take their businesses to the international stage. We look forward to becoming a part of their founding journey.”

Dennis Mehta of Israel-India Technology Group further added,

“We are launching a trilateral investment partnership, a platform which is primarily for the needs and aspirations of the trilateral opportunities. Our model uses Israel as the supplier of technology, India as a mass market opportunity and the US — which is the third important part of the equation — brings in capital,”

The chief focus of the summit was to explore the different ways in which the ties between the three countries can be deepened in the future, especially in domains such as geopolitics, business and industry, innovation and entrepreneurship and financial investments.

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