With internet bringing people and regions closer than they were ever before, it is only justified that healthcare has the same future. This is the view that Zoylo Digihealth is based on.

Zoylo Digihealth is a one stop revolutionary online healthcare platform in India dedicated to extend the horizons of healthcare facilities and services beyond regional limitations and make it accessible to all. They aim at taking healthcare in India to the next level for today’s tech savvy population. With citizens transforming into netizens, they try and leverage the power of technology to create an online pool of doctors, medical practitioners, diagnostics, hospitals, medicines, wellness products, and other healthcare and emergency services all under one roof with incomparable information and easy online access.

At Zoylo the team looks at providing personalized e-healthcare account to enable their users to view the doctors schedules, book online appointments and track the details of their health status online. This helps in limiting the patient’s movement to far off places as it can be accessed anywhere anytime offering the liberty to seek medical care wherever needed.

Founder Zoylo Digihealth

This innovative Hyderabad based startup was founded by  Mr. Vinod Kumar Reddy and Mr. Sampath Kumar Reddy in 2015. They currently have a team of over 120 members headed by respective managers and business heads. There are different hierarchies to streamline the work for quick implementation of ideas and strategies. Each team is optimized with skilled resources for maximum productivity and expected results.

The platform allows doctor appointments and diagnostic lab test booking services across India through a rich network of healthcare service providers. Being associated with top-notch hospitals across the country, they offer end-to-end healthcare solutions to the users under one roof for unmatched convenience. They are marching towards every city and town in India to bring them up in their network for greater accessibility to quality healthcare for everyone. Zoylo, with a vision to cover every single entity of quality healthcare under one umbrella, is soon stepping into healthcare e-commerce, online doctor consultations, wellness and home healthcare services to give a wholesome experience to the users. Zoylo.com is first of its kind map-based application that offers great user experience and high functionality. It allows easy searches and effective display of available services on a map to get an idea of the location and book an instant appointment by clicking any given service provider. It facilitates quick and informed decision making.

Zoylo is a revolutionary online healthcare platform that connects users to the entire spectrum of healthcare services creating a resourceful ecosystem of service providers. Dedicated to extend the horizons of healthcare facilities and services beyond regional limitations and make it accessible to all under one roof, they stand as a synonym for healthcare digitalization.

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