Every time you wish to get out of your mundane life, you think about making a trip to some distant land. The connecting link between you and your destination is often your travel agent. However, the roads that Travel Agents traverse to get you the right product and offer is not as convenient as it looks on the surface. There are challenges like means of generating business, managing operations and tracking transactions. One startup that has decided to make life easier for the Travel Agents is StoutWeb Pvt. Ltd.

StoutWeb Pvt. Ltd. (StoutWeb) was established on 15th June 2016 and is based out of Delhi . The major mandate of the company is to provide technology solutions to Travel Agents, a hassle free automated platform to Generate Business, Manage Operation, and Track Transactions that would eventually help increase revenue generation. “Travel LED” is the brand name of StoutWeb that provides business management application, CMS based dynamic website and Mobile APP for both android and iOS platform. This has been under improvisation to provide a BOT to manage the Business Development Application and OTA (Hotel/Air/Bus booking) activities in an automatic mode.

Founder StoutWeb

The startup was founded by Amar Kumar Rout who is currently acting as the Founder CEO. Amar has an experience of more than 10+ years in directing development and implementation of strategies that facilitate business processes and strategic objectives. He believes in applying powerful blend of technology, market/business systems analysis, software development, P&L management, and leadership skills to optimize processes, drive rigorous product development efforts, and introduce major technology and content enhancements.

The startup has been a center of innovation and expertise that provides solutions for business process engineering and Process automation by implementing information technology resources. Supporting this vision is Mrs. Kadambini Rout and Ms. Nibedita Jena, Co-founders and Directors of StoutWeb, who look after handling international business operations and management of client networks, respectively.

StoutWeb is an innovative Software Development company specialized on Travel and E-Commerce portals, business solutions and R&D for IT solutions. The startup has also been recognized by Brand Travel IT Solution as one of the big four global IT services brands. Their ever-growing repute in this fast-paced industry is a testimony to the certainty and commitment their clients experience each day.

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