One misses one’s home and homeland more when one is away. Similar is the scenario with the food, culture and everything else about your homeland. One startup that understood this fact and build a startup around the same situation is (formerly known as, is an Indian Marketplace that has brought a little India to the US through ecommerce. Indian products, food, spices, handicrafts, apparel are loved world over. Desiclik is one of the companies that has brought people living in USA, be it Indians or of any other nationality, an easy and affordable one-stop-shop access to Indian products. The site connects buyers and sellers together by providing them with a platform to promote and sell their merchandise. Since all the sellers are located in the United States, it provides customers with the best customer service and fast shipping. If you are looking for anything from India, is the place for you. It is like shopping at a local bazaar in India, but with the convenience of doing it online from your home or office in one easy checkout process. Sure, you might miss the lengthy haggling and bargaining – but other than that, rest assured that you will enjoy every moment of shopping online at this site. Each shop at this local bazaar specializes in what they sell, giving buyers with more choices and the best possible bargains both in terms of quality and in price.

Providing their customers with a variety of good quality unique products from India at best possible price is DesiClick’s prime objective. At, Indian shopping in the USA is just click away where one can explore, shop & sell ethnic Indian dresses, handicrafts, sweets , groceries and everything in between to meet your everyday as well as special occasion needs.

Founders –

This startup was founded by an Indian couple – Deepak Agarwal and Sadhana Bothra in 2014. A new mother in the US, Sadhana Bothra gave up her thriving IT career to be with her first born full-time. She, and husband Deepak Agarwal, who also worked in the IT industry, were looking at creating some extra income while letting Sadhana also enjoy motherhood. Deepak helped Sadhana set up a site called Desi Vastra in 2004, selling Indian apparel for kids in the US. From these humble beginnings, the company has had many transformations over years, till it finally took the avatar of DesiClik.

Deepak oversees vendor relationships, technology, finance and marketing at, while Sadhana is instrumental in coordinating order fulfillments by working with all the vendors and helping turn new customers into returning customers.She is a Java Certified Programmer from Sun Microsystems who quit her top-notch position in the IT industry as an Assistant Vice-President with Whitehall Bank on Wall Street when her first child was born. Deepak has played various roles in his career ranging from programmer analyst to managing consultant, where he’s successfully deployed financial accounting software, set up laboratory information system software, handled business development, project management and communication with global teams. The core team is based out of New York while the backend operations are managed from India.

With the markets becoming global and world becoming smaller, sets itself apart by only having local vendors sell through the portal. Their target customer base is consumers interested in Indian/ South-Asian products which includes approximately 3 million Indians living in the US and mainstream Americans, Indian restaurant owners based out of the US for restaurant equipment, Corporate customers for gifting to their employees during festivals and holidays and lastly, the customers gifting to friends and family in the US from outside the US.

With their steady growth record, DesiClik would like to become a household name for the millions of Indians in the US. \And, within India, the company is eyeing to grow the business in some of the major NRI-focused cities such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. The startup also wants to replicate the concept in Canada, UK and Australia. Besides the B2C market, they also plan to provide a B2B marketplace for their vendors in the US.

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