TeamIndus- India’s first aerospace startup after having showcased its various prep-milestones to the Google Xprize Judges’ Panel during their five-day visit to the Team Indus Facility, Bengaluru had managed to become one of the five Google Xprize shortlisted competitors to soft land at Moon’s Surface.

For the launch, Team Indus had already signed a contract with the commercial arm of ISRO, Antrix Corporation. Japanese Team Hakuto, one the five shortlisted competitors, has also partnered with Team Indus to their satellite launch. However, in a major setback, TeamIndus, which is the only Indian team competing for the Google Lunar XPRIZE, its official launch contract has fallen through with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), according to reports.

But, investors say that TeamIndus has not given up and will try to make the launch possible but it will not be possible before the 31 March deadline set by the Google Lunar XPRIZE. While going certainly seems bleak, the company is looking at overseas partners for the launch as ISRO is the only option for space launches in India. TeamIndus has also struggled to raise the entire Rs 450 crore required for the launch.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, managing director of Biocon who has backed TeamIndus mentioned,

“They are trying to team up with somebody else outside who can help them. They have said- ‘Give us sometime, we are trying to reorient, redirect our efforts.. if we can still make it’,”

TeamIndus is looking for another partner. They will definitely go ahead with their launch, whether or not it is with ISRO or under the Google mission. TeamIndus had reportedly raised more than half of the approximately Rs 450 crore funding required for the mission and was working on crowdfunding to raise more money before the deadline.

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