It has been more than a year that AICTE had launched national student startup policy. After a year of existence, AICTE has now got the support from Bihar to enhance student startup movement in state-run universities and higher educational institutions.

In November 2016, AICTE launched the national student startup policy with an aim to create 100,000 students owned tech-based startups and a million employment opportunities by 2025. The policy also aims to guide AICTE approved institutions to implement government’s Startup India initiative.

Working towards the goal of Startup India initiative, AICTE had launched this program and the continuous efforts bore fruit with positive responses from states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim, Jammu and Kashmir etc.

With an aim to garner support from Bihar, AICTE has offered to provide technical and handhold support to the State and universities to come up with policy provision and framework for the promotion of student innovation and student start-ups in the state of Bihar.

Taking continuous efforts to put student startup policy in action, the AICTE startup policy implementation unit has been making concentrated efforts towards policy and program convergences and ecosystem streamlining in association with various leading national and international ecosystem enablers at multiple levels.

During an event AICTE chairman Prof Anil Sahasrabudhe mentioned,

“With this platform, courses will be available in any corner of the country any time and from the best faculty in India. More than 800 courses have been made available on Swayam platform,”

Till now, only Gujarat has initiated a student startup policy with Gujarat University recently launching its Startup and Innovation policy. The Startup and Innovation policy envisions Gujarat University as a hub of global standards for creating, nurturing and supporting innovative businesses across a variety of sectors. It creates several initiatives, reforms, and mandates which are divided into several platforms like infrastructural platform, academic platform, skill development platform etc.

After this latest partnership between the Bihar state government and AICTE, the National student startup policy is expected to receive a major boost. Also, this will definitely encourage more states to come forth and join hands with AICTE.

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