Our Tribal Atrisans have always been admired for their wonderful work and great creativity. But when it comes to exposure, we still lag behind in providing the right exposure to them. To change this and to bring the tribal artisans closer to the global economy Union Minister for Tribal Affairs, Jual Oram has launched ‘e-Tribes: Tribes India’.

Bringing global market at the fingertips of tribal artisans, Union Minister for Tribal Affairslauncher this ecommerce initiative to bring tribal artisan made products to platforms like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm and government eMarketplace. With the initiative, more than 55000 tribal artisans who are connected to TRIFED (Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited) will get access to the local as well as the international markets under the Tribes India banner on ecommerce platforms.

Talking on the occasion, Oram mentioned,

“No stone should be left unturned in the empowerment process of the tribals through trade and all steps must be taken to ensure that they get full and timely payments.”

Also, Pravir Krishna – Managing Director of TRIFED said,

“TRIFED will make all efforts to expand the sale of tribal products through ecommerce.”

Commenting on the ecommerce venture, Sudarshan Bhagat, Minister of State for Tribal Affairs, added,

“The launch of ecommerce site will help to eliminate intermediaries and bring artisans directly in touch with buyers.”

A special training module is also being prepared in consultation with the NSDA, Ministry of Skill Development, Government of India to streamlining the training and linking it to the provisions of gainful employment in the future for tribal trainees.

With a special focus on digitisation with programmes like Digital India, the government has continued its digital focus with its portal, GeM. Launch in August 2016 as an e-marketplace for online purchase of goods and services by the central and state government ministries and departments, GeM is expected to touch USD 7.8 billion worth transactions in 2018.

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