Man being a social animal has always been keen on social gatherings and thus the perfect event plan is very important for the success of any such gathering. Finding the perfect suitable venue and hiring a trusted service provider is a very big and time-consuming task through search engines and across multiple websites.whilst booking a hotel room,restaurant table or flight could be done easily online. This is the pain point that understood and converted it to an opportunity. is an online marketplace for event venues and event services. is a one-stop solution for all event needs. understood that it is a pain to find time within our busy schedules to identify and visit each and every venue nearby or to find the preferred event location to check availability, ambiance, prices, packages, food menus, extra add-on services,amenities, and rules and regulations. And hiring a trusted service provider for the event is another point of concern for event organizers.Hiring best emcee/anchor, entertainers, artists, photographers, caterers or other services like audiovisuals, special effects is not an easy thing to do either. These are fields that the workforce at are experts at. It is fast and simple to find the perfect venue and trusted best service providers that fit exact needs.


Founded by Pradeep Kumar in the year 2016, is based out of Hyderabad. He was the professional event manager and founder of Daisy event solutions an Event Management company.He knows the pain points of event venue seekers and venue providers. currently have a team size of six people working very hard to convert into reality, the dream of a perfect event that all the organizers tied up with them have. is a unique platform to book venues online by experiencing the ambiance of the venue through 360-degree view/virtual reality and find each and every detailed information about the venue.You can hire vendors for all the event services instantly online. offers hassle free online payment for event venues and event services along with 24*7 event coordinator support, best price with no hidden charges involved,virtual reality and 360-degree and HD quality photos to visualize the ambiance of the venues in comfort.

So, next time you think of organising an event, do allow a chance to portray their talent.

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