Are you moving somewhere? Finding a decent home/PG to stay is tough? Relying on PG? Is it a wise choice?   Paying guest accommodation is broken. Even if you want to pay more it’s not possible to find decent accommodation with all the necessities. The only alternative is staying with friends which comes with its own problems. What if someone leaves? Who will buy fridge, sofa, TV, washing machine and how to share its cost? Who will pay bills? How to keep track of expenses? Too many things to take care. These are mundane things that nobody want to do but somehow must be done. One startup that understood this pain and is willing to ease it out for all of us is SimplyGuest.

SimplyGuest is a technology-based platform for private and shared rental spaces. With a vision to become an end to end solution for everyone’s staying needs. A solution for people who want to find a one-stop shop for their living needs and not depend on anyone else. A solution for people who want someone to manage their places while they are away. SimplyGuest is a place where you will find fully furnished sites specially designed keeping in mind the constantly changing needs of of our customers. Just walk in with your clothes and you will not need anything else.

Founders SimplyGuest

SimplyGuest strives to provide a perfect home experience which transitions smoothly from digital to physical. SimplyGuest was started in 2015 and was founded by Subbu Athikunte, Ambareesha and Mayank Pokharna. They rely on time-tested practices to solve many tough problems associated with co-living and running a house. They use technology to remove inefficiencies and pass on the savings to their tenants, house-owners and service providers. Currently, they serve long and short-term accommodations for students, working professionals, and couples in Southern part of Bangalore.

Subbu Athikunte is a software engineer with deep experience in all aspects of software development. He worked at Apigee (later acquired by Google) before quitting to start SimplyGuest. He has worked on distributed systems, analytics, big data, cloud computing, UI, devops and nearly everything else in the field of large-scale software projects. Ambareesha used to work on civil and PWD projects before SimplyGuest. He is very experienced in setting up and managing ground operations of infrastructure projects. Mayank Pokharna has worked with Indian start-ups like Practo and Cuemath in their hyper-growth phase. In his previous role as a Chief of Staff at Cuemath, he worked on streamlining multiple business processes to drive productivity and sales. At Practo, he was responsible for creating and managing end to end operations and business intelligence processes.He was a SimplyGuest customer before joining hands with Subbu and Ambarish.

SimplyGuest changing the landscape and the way we find a home. Our homes are fully furnished and pre-verified for accessibility and safety. We provide end to end services to make your stay seamless.

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