After extending the deadline for Aadhar linking, the  Supreme Court wants to evaluate the risks associated with Aadhar. In response to a few of the critical queries made by the Supreme Court bench on the use/misuse of Aadhaar cards, UIDAI will now present a technical powerpoint presentation to the court, on the coming Thursday. The initiative aims to identify the misgivings related to security of the data collected under the scheme and elimination of the same.

The UIDAI CEOs presentation will be followed by questions that the general public can ask in order to have a clear debate about the use and misuse of Aadhar. The apex court wants to understand the thought behind such hefty amount of data to be kept with the government. While announcing this, Justice AK Siri asked Attorney General KK Venugopal

“In Singapore too, everyone has to have an identity card with a chip. The chip carries all information. The government doesn’t have any information. What is the necessity of collecting and aggregating data and keeping it forever? Why is all this needed?,”

As a response to this, Venugopal said,

“The central data depository was surrounded by a thick wall, although physical safety hardly mattered for data hackers.”

He further added,

“The government had saved INR 45,000 Cr through Aadhaar by plugging leakages,”

Venugopal confirmed to the SC that the main idea behind introducing Aadhaar was to pin up the loopholes in various processes and end leakages in the PDS (Public Distribution System) system for the poor.

Venugopal also stated that the poor’s right to food and physical existence should prevail over the right to privacy of those protesting against Aadhaar’s mandatory nature.

Thus, the apex court judges are currently looking into a number of petitions, challenging the legal validity of Aadhaar. Earlier this month, on March 13, the Supreme Court extended the deadline indefinitely for mandatory linking of Aadhaar Card to avail various government services and welfare schemes. For now, Aadhaar has been made mandatory only for opening new bank accounts and for obtaining Tatkal passports.

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