New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Monday announced a two-year AUD 1.58 million partnership with India to enhance the country’s startup, technology, and advanced manufacturing sectors.

Ms Berejiklian made the announcement in Mumbai at accelerator Zone Startups and said it will allow NSW entrepreneurs and technology businesses access to new markets, talent and knowledge. The funds will be used to send NSW young entrepreneurs and startups to India to learn from the country’s best and brightest, to support commercial connections between startups in NSW and India and on fostering collaboration on advanced technology projects.

Speaking on the occasion,  Ms Berejiklian mentioned,

“NSW is Australia’s startup and technology capital and this partnership will ensure our industries grow alongside one of the world’s most dynamic technology markets,”

She further added,

“Our state is home to 44 per cent of the nation’s startup founders and 40 per cent of the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) industry.

“This important partnership will allow us to learn from India’s best and brightest so that we can create the smart jobs of the future.

“This partnership will provide NSW businesses with incredible access to some of the best entrepreneurs and technology experts in the world and I look forward to seeing the results over the next two years.”

With this strategic partnership in mind, Premier Berejiklian is in India on a trade mission between April 16 and  Apr 19, 2018.

This partnership is expected to boost the job creation in the country by many folds and this might come as a good news for many deserving startups on the block.

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