Tought times for Facebook are far from gone as per the scenario unfolding ahead of everyone. The newest development that has come to light is that Facebook will be sharing elaborate details with its 87 million users who might have shared their data with the Cambridge Analytica, very soon. The Alert Will Also Help The Users Analyse The Third Party Apps With Which They Are Sharing Their Data.

The social media giant has confirmed that more than 70 million of the affected users are in the US, and a million each in the Philippines, Indonesia, and the UK.

In addition to the above mentioned alerts, over 2.2 billion Facebook users will also receive a notice which will be titled “Protecting Your Information” to provide the users with a detailed knowledge over what apps they are using and the kind of information they are sharing with the apps. The knowledge will enable the users to get off the apps individually or turn off third-party access to their apps.

Mark Zuckerberg is soon to address the US congress, where he will be testifying the data breach. Zuckerberg said that the figure Facebook has come up with the figure i.e. 87 million figure by calculating the maximum number of friends that users could have had while Kogan’s app was collecting data.

The social media giant came under fire recently when the data of over 50 Mn Facebook users was leaked. It all started in 2014, when an academic of Russian origin Aleksandr Kogan, created a Facebook app which paid thousands of users to take a psychological test. The app was titled “This Is Your Digital Life”. Kogan, then sold the data to a company called Cambridge Analytica, a privately held company that combines data mining, data brokerage, and data analysis with strategic communication for the electoral process.

What remains to be seen is the extent of this affect in India. As per sources, while 335 people in India were directly affected by an app installation, another 562,120 people were potentially affected as friends of those users. The  Indian government has already sent letters to both Facebook and Cambridge Analytica seeking details of how the breach was perpetrated by British firm Cambridge Analytica and what measures were lacked on the Facebook’s end.

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