In the modern times, one means through which people learn great skills is gaming. Not only do people enjoy what they are doing, it also helps them build and measure skills that are important for their life. A startup that has dedicated themselves to this mission is Processbee Technologies.

Processbee develops applied games that simulate business environments with a focus to measure and impart 21st century skills. Their multiplayer role playing business simulation games, capture players decisions, eliminate free riding and construct individual and team profiles non-intrusively. Processbee games are designed using systematically crafted pedagogy and evidence-centered game design.Their underlying philosophy is to make learning more immersive and fun.

Founder Processbee

Founded by Sandeep Rambhatla in the year 2015, Processbee is based out of Bangalore. Sandeep holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, a Masters in Business Administration and is currently pursuing his PhD in Digital Learning and Analytics. In addition he has 15+ years of work experience with companies such as Citi Bank, HSBC and others. Sandeep is also the co-founder of the NGO, Sathva, where they teach differently-abled children.

The executive team comprises of 3 members. Sandeep is the CEO & Founder, Simon Schmidli from Switzerland is responsible for growth in national and international markets and Vishwanath from Singapore is the Investor and Director of the organisation, advising Processbee on various aspects. In addition, they have a PhD scholar to work on research and the underlying analytics and a product team of 7 creating the digital games.

Their USP is that they include Research + Game Mechanics + Analytics into Business Simulation while creating games. Their focus is on evidence centered game based learning, which means they capture players skills during game-play to come up with a complete profile of each player. And they eliminate free-riding compared to all other group assignments.

Processbee  launched the game last year and have four universities that have signed-up and played their Strategic Management Business Simulation Game. In addition they did two workshops for corporate clients. They are talking to various Universities in India and the Middle-east as well as have one confirmed sign-up from the US. They are a member of the Swiss Ed-tech collider in Switzerland attached to EPFL: The Swiss EdTech Collider is Switzerland’s first collaborative space dedicated to ambitious entrepreneurs transforming education and learning through technology. They are a member of AACSB (USA), one of the leading accreditation organisations to Business Education worldwide. And they also won the award for ” Game Based Learning Company of the Year 2018″ from edtechreview India in February 2018.

In future they aspire to become the leading game based learning company in the world to teach business topics. They also plan to launch our flagship product worldwide and grow our team to develop new games.

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