Keeping yourself updated with the world news and entertained is a need that no one can deny. However, the quick and fast-paced lifestyle doesn’t let people sit and watch the latest news or their favourite videos. For most people, it seems impossible to spend hours searching for videos online on weekdays. But not anymore, because now you can get your news anywhere and anytime and that too in just 70 words with Shortpedia.

The whole idea behind Shortpedia is to provide the convenience of fast-paced latest & breaking news and other content. This short news app offers all the latest news, videos and blogs in a summarized form of 70 words and organized representation of videos from multiple sources. Resolving the issues of video aggregation, Shortpedia becomes the right answer to all your video filtering requirements. The app brings you the capacity to filter the best latest videos online without wasting your time. Our app improves your video experience by helping you pick the right one according to your own choice. This app have audio feature which read the news on the go for you.

Founder Shortpedia

Based out of New Delhi and founded in 2017 by Vineeta Jain, Shortpedia helps resolve the clutter and lets you have the most reliable news. Hence, their team constantly works to research the national as well as international sources. The news comes to you only after they verify the authority of the source. Hence, you always attain reliable content on our app. Shortpedia have a team of 15 People. Having a huge team of experts and a reliable technology allows them to provide news from business, sports, technology, automobile, entertainment, politics, travel, fashion, science, startups and much more. Through their app you can read your news in Hindi and English. This helps them cater to a larger chunk of customers.

Shortpedia has so far had 40,000 android downloads and has recently launched their iOS app. Apart from this, Shortpedia website is gaining popularity from day one. It has 1 lakh plus monthly visitors. The future looks promising for this content based app.

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