Poker- the name definitely brings to mind Gambling, but that is not that Poker is all about. It is a sport like any other and in the battle of perceptions has been cornered for long. Despite all this there are a few die hard fans of the game and after the entry of Bigstack, there are definitely going to be many more.

Bigstack is venture started by two brothers, both having their passion towards poker and incorporating that passion through a design language turned in to clothes and various other merchandises.

Founded in 2017 and based out of Delhi, The Big Stack is a premium fashion poker apparel brand retailing digitally. The brand was established with a vision to produce and provide fashionable and contemporary clothing for those who demand the latest and most trendy street wear. The brand supplies poker t-shirts and other clothing for poker enthusiast, whether a professional or recreational player. It offers a unique collection of clothing for both men and women which are high in quality featuring simple yet strikingly perfect designs which embrace the challenge of daring to be different. Each of the pieces in TBS collection focuses on individuality and freedom of expression.

Founder- The Big Stack

Poker is often referred to as the sport of kings. The team, ‘Big Stack’ is common poker jargon, referring to the player with the most chips on the table. Their logo abstracts the idea of this peerless winner through a symbolic king, marked by great instinct. A subtly hidden ace in the typography hints that this player, both strategic and skill is unpredictable- always with an ace up their sleeves. We help budding poker players act on their passion by giving quick and easy as well as in-depth poker tutorials online.

The founder and Managing Director of this venture Rai Sahib Singh Khurana, is a management graduate with a passion for Poker. He conceptualized the brand with an intention to provide uber-cool poker inspired merchandise to those who appreciate individuality and uniqueness. An avid sportsperson and a fashion enthusiast, Mr. Rai firmly believes that Poker is not only a lot of fun, but also a great sport to engage in for it teaches one so much about life. His brand brings to the table some finest poker clothing trends with designs that reverberates confidence and individuality.

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