Out in the world today are a lot of job portals, but when we look at the options for healthcare jobs, the numbers are still way less compared to other fields of employment. One startup, that has understood this concern and is working tirelessly to get a solution to this problem is Perzue.

Perzue is a healthcare community bridging gaps between job seekers and employers across the medical, healthcare, clinical, and non-clinical space. This healthcare job portal is a prodigious innovation in the talent acquisition space dedicated exclusively to the healthcare. Perzue is made perfect with the professional acumen of a congregation of talented specialists with a strong background and technical know-how of the healthcare sector. Their mission is to be the most trusted and preferred healthcare job portal that helps every employee to find their dream positions and solves the demand-supply gap in the healthcare recruitment industry.


Based out of Ghaziabad, Perzue was founded in 2017 by Mohit Mirwani. With more than 14 years of experience, he worked for various multinational corporations like Ericson & Nokia before he decided to pursue Entrepreneurship. He has spent more than a decade in career helping setting up companies of all sizes to be profitable through strategic, conceptualized hands-on work in interactive fields and public relations. His work has earned him the accolades of “Managing the entire Strategic alliance with corporates and end to end P&L for entire organization”. His team consists of experience and of fresh talent of the relevant domain to cater the industry need. Their experienced staffs who take help of technology and resources are the best guys to understand, realize and connect the perfectly skilled professionals to a matching opportunity.

The USP of this startup is that it is a dedicated and niche portal for healthcare professional with the industry-specific requirement. Perzue is progressing as a comprehensive healthcare job portal that helps to connect, discover, and engage with fresh and experienced talent in the industry. It provides and expands the talent pool for the Healthcare sector. Hence, pursue with Perzue!

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