One of the greatest inventions of mankind include computing gadgets. The last century has seen some major movements in the IT sector and most of the highly paying jobs are created through IT, which includes both hardware and software development. Thus far the new technologies have been out of the reach of masses and there is a gap to be bridged here. One startup that is doing just that is RDP.

RDP, one of India’s leading IT hardware & mobility manufacturing company, was founded in January 2012 by Vikram Redlapali with a mission to provide simplified, affordable computing solutions. RDP entered into mobility by launching India’s most affordable Laptop with bundled Windows 10 software at a sub Rs 9999 price band. The product line comprises of a wide range of laptops, tablets, Thin Clients, Mini PC’s, plug PC’s & commercial desktop PC’s, equipped with highest commercial grade components offering the premium features and functionalities required to address increasingly varied computing needs of users. RDP has developed a strategic association with major players like Microsoft and Intel and developed a robust ecosystem. With over 1,00,000+ clients in India and abroad, RDP has the experience, resources and the technological expertise to help organizations succeed in computing needs.

Founder RDP

Vikram is a post graduate in Computer Sciences from Sree Krishnadevaraya University. With more than 16 years experience in IT industry, Mr. Vikram Redlapalli, CEO, RDP has been working passionately to make RDP the most promising brand in the cost conscious computing segment across the globe. RDP has successfully worked towards the transformation and implementation of new strategies along with evaluation and application of new systems & IT to cater to market needs. The progress especially can be measured in the developments that have taken place at RDP in last three months.

The company has recently launched a unique product based on customer feedback – ThinBook 1130, with optional HDD/SSD slot for extending the storage for saving more data on the go. This particular device has been customized according to the requirements and interests of the customer.

An upgraded call centre, a well equipped resource in order to address and support queries, a ‘world class’ support ticketing CRM along with clear SLA’s defined to iron out any kind of support issues in less than 48 hours are few of the recent developments.

RDP has also strengthened its retail presence for a deeper reach into the consumer base. Many changes have been made in the product management process and new product roadmaps to take care of customer feedback and inputs.

RDP also announced a new 14.1 inch laptop, ThinBook 1403p with preloaded Windows 10 Pro OS targeted at professionals. The laptop will be available at price of Rs 11,999/- plus GST. ThinBook 1430p comes packed with the latest generation Intel Atom® x5-Z8350 processor.

All the devices of RDP namely Thin Clients, ThinBooks, Mini PC’s, Desktop PC’s & All-in-one PC’s are equipped with Intel processors and preloaded with windows software. The tie-up with Intel and Microsoft was an important milestone for the company which qualified them to serve customer with genuine products. RDP is always looking for more associations to offer better services to their customers.

WPG who is the No.1 Global Semiconductor Distributor and the largest electronics distributor in Asia has been appointed as RDP’s national distributor for cost-effective laptops. Distribution and manufacturing go side by side and RDP is working very closely with WPG to enhance their distribution capabilities. This association brings a lot of momentum to RDP, and can reach out to a greater population.

RDP in the coming few months is working on increasing their offline retail presence. Currently 150+ partners are carrying RDP devices in their stores. This number is expected to increase to 1000+ offline retail partners by end of this quarter. They are also looking at  exporting RDP devices to other countries is going to increase as the company is closing the deal with a certified company, thus extending the brand to a wider global reach. And, last but not the least there is also and expected  addition of few more ‘Value Segment’ SKU’s (Celeron / Pentium) is in process and will be completed in the mid of second quarter (FY 2018-19).

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