One of the major challenges for any industry is Robotics, Warehouse Automation & Industrial IoT. In today’s fast paced world, an organisation that doesn’t work on the above mentioned is generally the one that lags behind. But, no more! because now we have Addverb.

Addverb Tech provides Industry and Warehouse Automation Solutions, Design Consulting, Manufacturing Consulting and System Integration for Automated Material Handling Systems, and leverage technologies within your supply chain to tap full potential. We strive to improve your operations on sustainable basis that provide you competitive advantage by strengthening your entire supply chain. Their deep technical insight and rugged process provide your supply chain a new dimension.

Founded in the year 2016, Addverb is based out of Noida. The six co-founders that led to the creation of this unique startup used to work at Asian Paints, at the Rohtak factory, which is the largest paint plant in India. All six combine technical and management expertise. Sangeet studied at IIT – KGP; Prateek at IIT – Powai; Bir studied at NIT – Jaipur; Satish at TISS – Mumbai; Amit at NITIE – Mumbai; and Neeraj studied engineering at MDU- Haryana. Their current team size is 54 and all this has happened within 2 years of operations and everyone in the startup has got full ownership of the their work. They have full freedom and responsibility to develop the best solutions for the industry.

Team Addverb

Addverb majorly operate across 3 segments i.e Robotics, Warehouse Automation & Industrial IoT. Their solutions under each vertical include robotics applications for picking, palletizing & packaging (Secondary, tertiary packaging), warehouse automation – Order picking methodologies, storage solutions, AGVs, ASRS..etc all of which fulfil the current supply chain demands. Under IoT, their solutions include TMS( Truck Management System), YMS(Yard Management System) using various cost-effective technologies like Bluetooth beacons, LORA etc.

Addverb is here to help retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers build smarter distribution and fulfillment operations, using the right mix of automation, software and labor. Reliable, high-performance solutions from Addverb utilize innovative concepts with industry-leading automation equipment and software to optimize productivity and deliver fast, accurate fulfillment.

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