India Accelerator a launch pad for early age technology start-ups partnered with Global Accelerator Network (GAN) has today announced the name of six shortlisted start-ups for its second batch of accelerator program.

The start-ups have been selected from over 200 applications after going through a long – deliberate process of selection including the founders, the market, the technology, the problem they are trying to solve, should the problem be solved, early product-market fit etc. The start-ups that will be getting expert mentorship throughout the program are

Galaxy Card

Galaxy Card is a mobile-based Instant Credit Card. Compared to a regular credit card application which takes around 3-4 weeks; its users make their first purchase in just 3 minutes, without having to upload any documents.

Insurance Samadhan

Insurance Samadhan, a grievance redressal platform for all insurance policy holders. It helps policyholders to resolve genuine grievance of fraud selling, claim settlement etc.


It is a DISCOVERY PLATFORM which connects CORPORATE LAWYERS to Businesses, SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises), Corporates and Startups.


Nullpointer is a startup developing artificial intelligence solutions that can be deployed across sectors including fintech, insurance and telecom. It is currently working on a regional language chatbot-based customer engagement and on boarding solution.


With the world advancing and inventing new ways to save time and optimizing lifestyle, Queued helps you order at your favourite restaurant before you reach. You simply need to visit the website, choose your favourite restaurant and order


A dynamic eSports platform that allows video gamers of any skill level to win prizes and money through online & offline competitions.
Beyond mentorship and other facilities, India Accelerator will also be investing $150K in the selected start-ups as Seed Funding and they will also be entitled to receiving funds up to $25k to nurture their start-up plan.

While announcing the names of shortlisted start-ups, Mona Singh, Chief Acceleration Officer of India Accelerator said, “The first cohort included tremendously talented start-ups creating innovative new products in areas ranging from algo-trading to AI-based platform that helps deaf people to be heard. Second batch carries forward that momentum as we look forward to working with more entrepreneurs in India`s thriving start-up ecosystem.”

India Accelerator will engage with start-ups to help them getting through the ideation phase to building a real business model around their idea.

Through its well- structured curriculum, India Accelerator will also bring the building blocks for every start-up under one roof by offering mentorship, the network, the technology, the peripheral services (like legal, financial etc) and finally the seed capital to kick start their business.

IA will also help the start-ups connect with top technologists, entrepreneurs, investors and mentors to help them grow leaps and bounds. Additionally, the start-ups will also get access to their sprawling co working space with custom designed access and mix of other amenities.

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