Wise men have often said, good health is life’s greatest blessing. And no one knows it better than Mother Nature. With her unlimited bounty, she has been regulating our climate. Rearing us. And feeding us for a long, long time. So why go and bio-engineer crops, eat processed food and generally mess around with her? These questions have always been there at the back of our minds, well, now we have a solution to this in EarthFood.

EarthFood is amongst the only companies in the county which produces their own vegetables that are completely residue free. The company has 206 acres of land near Pune where this farming is done. Farmed in a natural way, EarthFood, offers produce reaching the end-user in the most hygienic, healthy way possible. EarthFood offers a wide range of fruits and vegetables that are grown in the purest form without using harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides and they are sold to the customers without adding preservatives and synthetic food enhancers. The produce is residue free. Their philosophy is ‘Farm to fork’ in the most natural way known to man.

Founder: Nilesh Palresha

Founded by Nilesh Palresha in the year 2015, Pune based EarthFood offers a wide range of products. Currently the brand serves 40 products which are available for purchase. The produce consists of exotic vegetables like iceberg lettuce, broccoli, red cabbage, cherry tomato, thai chilli, lemon grass, basil, pockchoy, celery, parsley, zucchini, oregano, thyme, rosemary, etc. EarthFood also offers a wide range of Indian vegetables like capsicum, bitter gourd, sponge gourd, French beans, lady finger, bottle gourd, curry leaves, green peas, mint, drumstick, beetroot, green chili, tomato, etc. In addition to this, the company has recently entered into residue free dehydrated spices along with milk and milk products.

Nilesh Palresha is the Executive Director of VTP Group, a business conglomerate, operating for three decades and is renowned in the construction material and construction industry. He spearheads VTP RAIRAH FOODS. His passion lies in the agriculture domain and he is focused to grow VTP RAIRAH FOODS as a preferred brand for customers. Nilesh is a Mechanical Engineer from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT) Pune and also has a MBA degree in Family Managed Business (FMB) from S P Jain Mumbai. His first stint of corporate life was with Tata Motors where he worked for a year prior to joining VTP. Nilesh has also done a summer course in Strategic Management from Harvard Business School in 2016.

Co- Founder: Siddharth Khinvasara

Siddharth Khinvasara, Chairman of Rairah Corporation, a business house having interests in real estate, food and investment sector, has joined the EarthFood family as a Co-Founder. His primary roles include expanding to newer markets, driving strategic initiatives and adopting new technologies for farming.  A commerce graduate and a degree in Family Business Management, Siddharth comes with a decade long experience in the construction industry. He hails from a family that has a legacy of almost 70 years across sectors such as real estate (including the plotting of land), brick manufacturing and predominantly, farming. With EarthFood, Siddharth is going back to his roots and supporting agriculture in every possible way.

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides have played a pivotal role in the agriculture sector leading to a major imbalance in the eco system. The use of toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides has had a very negative impact on the environment leading to potential damage to the agriculture produce as well as to the health of masses who consume it. Pesticides like chlorpyriphos and heptachlor are responsible for nerve and liver damage. DDT a prominent chemical being used is highly carcinogenic and also bears the risk of hormonal disorder and causes infertility, Quinalphos is responsible for causing developmental, reproductive and neurological damage. Keeping this in mind we realized that there needs to be an alternate solution to this problem, which ultimately gave birth to Earth Food. We are following Global GAP practices and banned chemicals & fertilizers are not part of our practises. We are using compost and biological input to produce. Global GAP practises allow us to produce residue free food.

At Earth Food, they shield Mother Nature from harmful chemicals. They believe that food should be pure, fresh, nutrient-rich and healthy. And that’s why Earth Food is produced and grown naturally and in an eco-friendly way. They use a healthy mix of traditional methods and innovation to keep pollution and wastage to a minimum. Most importantly, they ensure it is minimally touched by humans to avoid adulteration. This, they believe, not only makes it healthy for you, but also for the environment.

They have100 acres of land in Malthan, Pune where they would be introducing Hydroponic techniques (soilless farming) to cultivate Exotic vegetable, which will help them have a consistent supply. They have recently acquired 40 acres of land in Talegaon which is at a distance of 36 Kilo meters from Pune where we plan to grow fruits like mango and pineapple. The 240 acres of land in Belwandi will be used extensively for the development of residue free dehydrated spices (coriander powder, chilli powder, turmeric). They have a tie up with major retailers in Pune and have recently expanded their footprint in Mumbai as well.

EarthFood as a brand is comitted to offer products in the residue free segment that would be in the interest of the health of the consumers. In the years to come, EarthFood aims to become the most preferred brand by the consumers in supplying certified residue free fruits, vegetables, spices and process food products along with good quality and consistent supply.

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