Tired of finding the right buyer for your smartphone?
Have a drawer full of old mobile phones you no longer use?
Inconvenience in selling smartphone offline?
Got irritated negotiating price and sub-standard practices?

Well, you no longer need to be in a state of Dilemma regarding your smartphone, because InstaCash is here with great offers at selling your used smartphone. Sell your smartphone with no hassle and get the assurance of the best resale price with InstaCash.

InstaCash (formerly ZeroWaste) is the platform to sell used/old smartphones & mobile phones at the best price within 60 seconds with quick home pickup facility and instant payment option.

InstaCash app automatically calculates the value of used/old smartphone, which ensures accuracy and brings transparency making the whole process quick and relaxing with our extended services like home pickup and instant payment option of your choice.

Founder InstaCash

Founded by Prateek Goel in the year 2017, InstaCash is based out of Jaipur. Prateek is a serial entrepreneur, and a disruptive thinker. Starting his entrepreneurial journey from a university dormitory with friends, over the last six years, Prateek has successfully co-founded a Technology venture in Telecom & Internet of Things, Teramatrix Technologies, catering to clients in India, Bhutan, Africa – Ghana, and InstaCash: challenging the existing broken supply-chain in used , pre-owned and end of life electronics.

They have assembled a team of diverse backgrounds who explore their respective fields in order to deliver the best experience to InstCash customers. With an objective to make smartphone reselling experience swift and simple, we provide the best and radical solution to get the best value of used/old smartphones & mobile phones in a fraction of seconds at the convenience of your location without any risk of data abuse.

The InstaCash platform is enabled with a market driven algorithm which automatically calculates the value of used/old smartphones & mobile phones, ensuring accuracy and transparency. Quick phone price estimation along with our extended services like home pickup and instant payment makes InstaCash a unique destination all those who are looking for the best value for their used mobile phone.

With InstaCash, you can sell from within the comforts of your home and get the best price and all this in less than 60 seconds. They also offer pick up from your home so no need to schedule your day as per the phone buyers convenience. To top it all, the payment is always instant.

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