Light bulbs are certainly one of mankind’s greatest inventions, but if we look back we have come a long way from the light bulb. From yellow light to tube-light to CFL to LED lights and now the latest entry Smart Lights. One startup that is working and improving its product base with every passing day is Svarochi. As part of their latest addition they have recently launched iBahn which is definitely the future of LED lighting.

Gone are the days when lights were considered as a fixed functional accessory. At Svarochi, the innovative team believes that lighting is an essential way to uplift your mood and change the entire ambience of the living spaces. They offer stunning lighting solutions with a wide range of products bringing comfort and style into their consumer’s homes. Their aim is to offer innovative products that are high on functionality, easy to use, and at affordable prices.

Founded by Rajeev Chopra, Arjun Shahani and Kunal Chaudhuri, Svarochi Smart Lights brings to consumers the flexibility of operating lights using their mobile phones and can now adjust lights as per the occasion and mood while choosing from more than 16 million lights. The products work on the Bluetooth Low Energy platform (BLE) that enables connecting lights without the need of a router/console. They are focused on delivering a complete set of smart light solutions which currently no other player is focused on delivering.

Founder & CEO iBahn Illumination

As the CEO of Svarochi, Rajeev comes with 28 years of rich experience in multiple industries and geographies. He is at the forefront of driving transformation in the Lighting World with the new startup on the block –Svarochi. Rajeev was the former Global CEO, Business Group Home in the lighting division of Philips NV. He was responsible for the Global Business Group Home. Prior to this Rajeev was the Managing Director of Philips India. He is the former President of ELCOMA and has also worked at Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Reckitt & Colman in India and abroad. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from IIT Kanpur, he went on to do his MBA from Tulane University. In addition to this, he has also holds an advanced management program degree from University of Pennsylvania.

As the Co-Founder & COO of Svarochi, Arjun brings a rich 28 years of experience as a business professional across diverse verticals. Arjun was the former Business Head, Luminaires, Philips Lighting India and has also worked as MD at Armstrong World Industries, India. Having worked in different market segments across industry, viz Lighting – conventional & LED, Building Material Products, Display Tubes, Components & Semiconductors, Process Instrumentation, he has vast knowledge of the sector. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, he did his Masters in Marketing Management from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies.

Kunal Chaudhuri is the Chief Technology Officer at Svarochi. Kunal Chaudhuri is a Research & Development Professional with more than 30 years’ experience with numerous innovations in LED lighting. Prior to this, he was R&D Head, Luminaires, Philips Lighting India. He has also worked with Havells India as Vice President, Center for Research and Innovation.

They are a team of 50 plus employees at Svarochi. Their R&D, HR, Finance & Marketing teams are based out of their New Delhi Office. While they have their sales team present in more than 15 cities across India and expanding rapidly.

iBahn Illumination is the brainchild of the team that pioneered LED Lighting in India. It is funded by a leading multinational Private Equity Company with an impeccable track record. iBahn markets its product offerings under the brand name Svarochi which is a Sanskrit word which means “brilliant appearance” and “own ray”. The company aspires is to make spaces beautiful by creating a lighting ambience to sync one’s mood and decor. Smart Lights make spaces beautiful, by enabling you to create the perfect lighting effect for every room and every occasion using your smartphone.

With a mission to drive the shift to Smart Lighting and make Svarochi a leading brand in this space, by offering high functionality, easy to use, locally relevant propositions at affordable prices through continuous innovation, the company aspires to make spaces beautiful with Svarochi Smart Lights, and become a 5000 million company in 6 years.

They have a strong platform in place to accelerate our growth. We are focusing primarily on geographical expansion, adding more products to our portfolio and working towards offering technologically advanced products to our customers at an affordable price points.

The company envisions that Smart LED Home Lights in India will be a 73 million units market by 2021 (US$ 600m) and will replace ‘standard’ LEDs in due course. The company hopes to make quantum leaps in the Smart LED production in India with its products.

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