In the past decade we have seen that events have become much more prevalent than they were ever before. Everyone wants their event to be a memorable one and what makes it perfect is a perfect even management solution. So, if you have been looking around for making your event a success, look no further, because The Karyakram Company is here to take care of it.

The Karyakram Company is synonymous with creativity, style, and quality in delivering events. They are a young & high spirited organization providing end-to-end event solutions with a focus on delivering customized and target-oriented event solutions to the clients.

They cover all kind of events starting from Corporate, educational, Weddings, Social & Digital events. They have a personalized curated vendor list matching clients need & expectation within the allocated budget. They deliver a quality proposal that meets the requirements of their clients with 48 hours without any additional charge.

Based out of Mumbai and founded by Natasha Khanna and Sharan Khatri, this startup came into existence in the year 2018.  Natasha Khanna, one of the founding member’s is a Bollywood movie enthusiast, a dancer and photography lover. Natasha comes from a PR & Communications background. A no-nonsense attitude with a smiling face, she gives in all her energy to perform the tasks assigned. Sharan Khatri is passionate about running his own business since school days, he pursued his MBA in Marketing after graduating in Mass Media. In addition to his creative mind, Sharan loves traveling, swimming and is a photography enthusiast. With his enthusiasm and creativity, he brings the best of ideas to the table and strives to implement them with perfection.

Both of them come with two years of corporate experience. That never-ending itch to start their very own venture, kept them brainstorming for untouched and unexplored business ideas that could help to solve a problem for others and that is how they arrived at The Karyakram Company. Currently, they are operational in Mumbai and offer a complete compendium of services required to host an event i.e. idea generation, planning, execution to complete management during the event. They also do a comprehensive reviewing basis the client and attendee feedback to learn, understand and refine their deliverable.

Their differentiating features are that they help the host with a personalised curated vendor list, that matches client needs and expectations within the allocated budget provided by the client. They focus on saving both Time and Money while they are creating a beautiful and well planned event for you. They deliver their proposal to the client withing 48 hours so that the client has enough time to decide and finalise the same. They have so far provided their expertise in various Technology based events, Digital events, Event Website and Apps, and a whole lot of other customized and personal events. 

They try to find innovative ways to connect and communicate with consumers thereby crafting a memorable consumer experience. Some of the techniques used in the experimental marketing include Projection Mapping, Molecular Catering, Gesture Recognition Gaming, and 360-degree Photo Experiences. They also try to infuse local flavours to the events by adding something unique to the location, food, local culture, scenery, history etc, which helps in engaging all five senses and makes the attendees feel that their time was well spent and filled with lasting memories.​

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