Every year a large population of working women fall out of the workforce due to various reasons that could range from family commitments, child birth, taking care of a sick family member and a lot more. While it is might look a difficult decision to make, what is even more difficult is coming back to the working community and contribute to their independence and growth. One such portal that helps such women to get back to the workforce is JobsForHer.

JobsForHer is an online portal that connects women looking to restart their careers after a break with suitable job opportunities, reputed companies, and curated experts in a plethora of restart resources such as reskilling, community building & networking, etc.

Founder- JobsForHer

Founded by Neha Bagaria who is a passout from the prestigious Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania with honors and triple majors in Finance, Marketing and MIS, this project came up after she took a sabbatical to focus on motherhood. During her final semester there, she became the College Board Representative of India, and founded her first company – Paragon, and introduced the Advanced Placement Program to Indian students. Through this program, Indian high-school students could receive credits and placements at prestigious universities in the US, instead of having to repeat courses when in college. Marriage brought her to Bangalore, owing to which Neha shut down Paragon and started working at Kemwell Biopharma, where she handled the HR, Finance, and Marketing aspects of the pharmaceuticals manufacturing business.However, despite experiencing positive growth and development with Kemwell, Neha felt that her passion for social entrepreneurship remained stronger than ever.

JobsForHer is a Bengaluru-based online connecting portal to enable women to restart their careers after taking breaks for marriage/motherhood/elderly-care, etc. Her key responsibilities involve setting the company’s vision and the path to achieve that vision. Her extensive skillset includes Finance, Management, Operations, Marketing, and Project planning.

Within a year of its existence, Neha managed to rope in companies like Citibank, Future Group, Kotak Mahindra Group, Narayana Health, Sapient, Target, and Unilever on its dynamic platform.Furthermore, these companies have been amply rewarded for placing their trust in this venture. Since its launch, several candidates have been hired in these companies in full-time, part-time, work-from-home, and returnee internship positions, often within a week of applying. With this company, Neha is committed to connect women with whatever they require to successfully restart their careers.

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