Every business has a dependency on certain intrinsic and extrinsic factors. One such case is where business routinely suffers delays in shipment because of the reasons related to truck transporters. Every day of delay means a bigger loss for the company concerned. This is where TruckSuvidha comes into picture.

The Indian trucking industry is currently valued at $130 billion and there are approximately 5.6 Mn on road vehicles transporting 80% of the country’s freight. TruckSuvidha is a leading portal for the transport industry connecting transporters, truck drivers, customers and other related entities.

There business model is driven by simplicity, speed and efficiency. They allow the users to share the information for expansion of services to the customers by providing better rates and vehicles.

TruckSuvidha was founded by Amit Punaini and Ishu Bansal in 2014 in Yamunanagar. Amit Punaini is a businessman by profession who is always passionate about new ventures. His vision to make the use of technology to uplift the society led to this venture.

Ishu Bansal is a software engineer by profession and shares a similar passion as Amit, and both of them make a great duo. They have a team of 20-25 members for different profiles marketing & sales, technical, customer care executives, etc.

This unique platform is founded by Ishu Bansal and Amit Punaini to help all the entities to boost their business with a single click of a mouse. It provide solution of the problems being faced while booking a truck, while searching truck and lack of communication between all the players etc.

It aims at making the people aware of how technology will make their lives better; getting the truck drivers educated about their rights; and making people accept change in an industry which has not seen use of technology since its inception.

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The main features include Load Board, Truck Board, Online Directory, Posting- Load/Truck requirement, Distance Calculator, Web profile service.

With a few clicks user can register as a customer, transporter or packer or mover. The customer can choose the city, date, material, weight and truck type as per their choice and book a vehicle for transportation.

The transporters can list their entire catalogue of vehicles available. They classify the information and share the same to get the transaction on-going. So basically they help the key players come together to perform their business in a simple yet effective manner.

The three unique features which offer a solution to the current problem:

  • Load board keeps a track of all the loads on TruckSuvidha be it posted by a transporter or customer. If you want to transport some goods then just post it here. We will do the rest.
  • Truck Board keeps a track of all the available trucks for the customer to view. The customer can select the truck based on their requirements.
  • Distance calculator is a feature of the new age technology. Feed in the origin of the journey with the destination and it will give you the most optimum route for your journey with information of tolls on the road. This feature can be used by all to optimize their journey.

They have, an aggregate of 23000+ transporters across India are registered with them and receive 250+ bookings per week.

They plan to expand their businesses to transportation within cities, and provide an option to shift houses, local transportation of goods and if possible move across borders. It’s a simple yet bold plan and they have all the motivation to make it a reality.

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