Directi has announced launch of Zeta, a mobile-based meal voucher platform.

The Directi Group is a group of tech companies operating across India, USA, China, Dubai and Europe with current revenues upto $200 Million.

It provides HR Managers a simple desktop interface that can be used to initiate transfer of meal vouchers to hundreds of employees at one go.

Zeta CEO and Co-founder Bhavin Turakhia said,

“We are really excited about our new initiative and foresee a lot of scope for this product. The meal voucher market today is worth about ?4,000 crore with approximately one million employees using meal vouchers in some form or the other.

The potential market size is estimated at over 10 million users. However, given the cumbersome distribution process, many corporates and employees shy away from this benefit. We genuinely think Zeta can make this process 10x better than any current practice.”

Zeta Meal Vouchers can be used across any outlet for purchasing food and non-alcoholic beverages – irrespective of whether the outlet is a Zeta affiliated partner or not.

The app has a location-sensitive merchant directory that helps users locate outlets in the vicinity. The app also eliminates transaction hassles caused by rigid denominations in paper-based solutions, thereby allowing employees to pay odd amounts without worrying about change.

The vouchers will also be available to employees on their smartphones, thus they do not have to carry bulky booklets or worry about vouchers being damaged or stolen. The Zeta app ensures the vouchers are tamper-proof and fully secure.

The Zeta app is supported on Android, Windows and iOS platforms currently.

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