Education in today’s world is drifting towards generalization. Over the decades, classroom teaching has taken such a precedence that most of the pedagogy and teaching is done in a ‘One Size Fits All’ manner.

Amidst all this there is one startup which believes that it is not effective and should change. This innovative initiative is well known by the name of Vedantu.

This Startup Is An Ed-Tech Initiative Facilitating Live Online Tutoring- Vedantu

Vedantu is conceptualized to bring Personalization back into Education. At Vedantu, they imagine a world where a student will be at the center of learning again, where a teacher will teach according to the need, pace and level of a student and where learning graduates from One-to-Many to One-to-One.

For personalization to happen, technology will definitely help. But more importantly there has to be a system free of institutions where learning is bound within four walls.

Team VedantuBased out of Bangalore and founded in 2009, Vedantu is a venture by four IITian friends – Vamsi Krishna, Saurabh Saxena, Pulkit Jain and Anand Prakash, who turned entrepreneurs and have a deep domain expertise in education.

Their first venture in education, Lakshya, was founded in 2006 which later got acquired by a listed company called MT Educare (Mahesh Tutorials) in 2012. As part of Lakshya the founders taught and mentored more than 10,000 students and trained more than 200 teachers.

Vedantu, an Ed-Tech startup based out Bangalore and provider of 1-To-1 LIVE online tutoring offers students a unique feature on its platform ‘InstaLearn’.

This feature empowers them to clear their doubts and queries instantly from a highly qualified pool of teachers from across India in a 1-to-1 personalized session online. Vedantu is the only platform in India to offer this one-of-its-kind feature which would be extremely helpful for students during exam preparations.

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Vedantu is a live 1-to-1 online tutoring platform that operates on a true marketplace of teachers model with an aim to personalize and democratize learning with primary to 12th tuition segment in CBSE & ICSE curriculum.

The name Vedantu is formed by two focus on 6 Sanskrit words Veda (Knowledge) + Tantu (Network), signifying a ‘Knowledge Network’. It is a second venture in education by Vamsi Krishna, Pulkit Jain, Saurabh Saxena and Anand Prakash – who are not just passionate technologists but also hard-core educationists.

Vedantu raised USD 5 million in a Series A round of funding from marquee investors such as Accel Partners and Tiger Global Management, within just 6 months of its launch, probably the fastest funding turnaround time for any Ed-Tech startup in India.

Vedantu was declared Online Education Startup of the year at elets World Education Summit 2015 and has been named among Top 100 Startups to watch in 2016 by SutraHR. Vedantu was named as one of the winners of KINSES2016 EduAwards that recognizes five most promising startups in Asia and Africa that are disrupting education status quo.


In just one year from the launch, Vedantu currently has 56,000+ live online learning & teaching hours completed on the platform and 29,000+ registered students. Students from over 250 cities and towns in India have taken sessions on Vedantu so far. They have empanelled over 200 highly qualified teachers who impart an average of 320 sessions per day.

As the exams approach students often realize they have unaddressed-doubts or new questions while studying or revising a topic. Often they are compelled to continue to prepare with these doubts lingering in their minds due to lack of immediate access to an offline teacher due to time, distance and availability constraints.

The lack of clarity in one concept, if not addressed immediately, can often hinder understanding of other concepts and may result into a spiral, making them anxious before exams. If the doubts remain unsolved, this may impact their performance during exams.

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With InstaLearn, students can get doubts cleared online instantly, by teachers of their choice by following the four steps below:

  • Choose ‘Clear Doubts Now’ option on Vedantu home page []
  • Share doubts [students can upload pictures, share links or type in doubts]
  • Choose from available teachers
  • Book an instant LIVE online session with a highly qualified teacher which starts

Using Vedantu’s custom-built WAVE [ Whiteboard, Audio, Video Environment] technology students can engage with their choice of teacher in a LIVE personalized manner, as if they were sitting across from each other.

Students enjoy personalized attention as the teacher proceeds according to the need, pace and level of the student. Students have the flexibility to get their questions answered even just few hours before exams. On Vedantu, sessions on InstaLearn have taken place even as late as mid-night. ‘InstaLearn’ can help students to be fully prepared for exams immediately.

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