We all love to dine out, but how many times do we get confused about the table that we have booked, the menu that the restaurant will be serving, how the order would be customised to suit your taste, and we are sure that the answer to this would be every time.

But you don’t need to worry any more since Voolsy is there to help make your restaurant experience seamless and enjoyable.
This Startup Makes Your Entire Restaurant Experience Seamless- Voolsy

Voolsy is an app that helps in giving a seamless experience once you go in a restaurant to dine out. With Voolsy, you can directly order whatever you want, customize your order and even pay for it without the intervention of the waiter. You can also rate the dishes and mark them as your favorites.

Their USP is the enhancement of the dining out experience of the restaurant goers through the use of Voolsy. With this app, you can order, cutomize and pay without the need of any waiter and manager. This saves both the time of the customers and enhances their dining out experience.

Smit Nebhwani-Founder Voolsy
Smit Nebhwani-Founder Voolsy

With this app, your table is automatically detected by the iBeacon technology and this app works seamlessly inside the restaurant.

You can order your food from the menus that are preloaded in the app along with info about all the cuisines offered along with their pictures and quantity served.

This helps in ordering the food and you can even customize your order with the help of this app. Once you are done, you can even pay through this app and rate the food you had.

All this is achieved without the intervention of the restaurant staff and Voolsy aims to make the dining out experience as simple and hassle free as possible.

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Ahmedabad based Voolsy is the brainchild of Smit Nebhwani. Smit Nebhwani is the CEO of Voolsy and he is joined by Amrish Patel as the President and Chirag Purohit as CTO. The total employee strength of the company currently is 70 and Voolsy Networks Pvt. Ltd has offices both in Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

Amrish Patel and Smit Nebhwani, themselves lovers of good food and eating out observed the current hurdles that the restaurant goers in India face and decided to develop an app that would answer all their woes.

Even the name Voolsy has an interesting origin behind it. The name is derived from the word Vool, which means more than cool and they want Voolsy to be the coolest mobile application for the restaurant goers.


Voolsy plans to cover the major metropolitan cities in India and whole of India eventually with their app. They plan to target premier restaurants and hotel chains to give dining out a whole new meaning in such places.

The company is also planning to add additional features in Voolsy in the coming months like the facility of preordering meals and an option for split billing. People at Voolsy aim to redefine the dining out landscape in India for the better.

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