With the onset of ecommerce era, it has become utmost important for the merchants to upgrade themselves from being mere store keepers to being technically advanced in order to keep up with the changing times and one startup that is helping them achieve this is Purple Stores.


Purple Stores is a SaaS platform which provides each Merchant a separate user account while using the common application and infrastructure. Companies can choose from hundreds of unique templates to create their website and start selling services online instantly. Once the merchant sign up, he/she gets a unique domain name and website front, chosen from predesigned design themes or 100 percent customised theme. Hence, merchants can get going in matter of minutes with their own store which is easy to manage even by a computer novice.


Team – Purple Stores

Purple Stores is based out of Gurgaon and was founded by Amit Jain and team. The team, though, has been into the field for 8 long years as purple commerce, consulting  and providing technical support to many known brands selling products online. It was only in 2013 that they launched a beta of purple Stores with door to door sales and in 2015 the official launch was done. Presently, Purple Stores is a team of 12 members.

Amit Jain, the founder of Purple Stores, is an engineer from IIT Delhi, MBA from SP Jain Mumbai and worked  for 8 years in operations, finance, and risk before taking the entrepreneurial plunge. He is a certified 6 sigma black belt and LEAN expert. Amit is also an active speaker and contributor in the e-commerce space in India.

The venture brings an end to end solution including services such as product management, catalog design, logistic support, payment gateway, site management, internet marketing, etc. Apart from providing designing and content development services at hourly rates, purple stores gives an ‘A La Cart’ feature to add services on demand. Hence, clients pay what they use. The company also allows its online store merchants to analyse their performance via google analytics. The venture provides a first-hand experience of technological support and global best practices to all its clients.

With their efforts Purple Stores has so far leveraged successful customer acquisition initiatives for companies such as BeeBay(India), ART4U (India), Brand Alley (UK) and Jacaranda living (US). Purple Stores future plans include further innovation of their technology. They want to add plug and play third party integration in their system modulation. The venture will keep enterprise level functionalities in focus and plans to grow to 3000 customers in the coming year.

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