An entrepreneur, philosopher and a web solutions professional, Bhanu Pratap Singh Slathia, founded Ladybird Web Solution in 2009. Bhanu also conducts Corporate Training sessions in SEO, web application development and web programming.

He is a certified trainer in Inbound Marketing and enjoys training young upcoming professionals. As an individual, Bhanu is part of New Acropolis – a non profit organisation, where he volunteers regularly and is also a member of the core team responsible for managing the NGO and it’s activities. Service to society is one of his aspirations that he strongly works with.

While working on his product based company, Ladybird Web Solution he built an open source ticket support system called Faveo HelpDesk. Founded in the October 2015, the venture is based out of Bangalore. Faveo HelpDesk provides businesses with an automated Helpdesk system to manage customer support.

The word Faveo comes from Latin language which means to be favourable, which truly highlights vision and the scope as well as the functionality of the product that Faveo is. It is specifically designed to cater the needs of startups and SME’s empowering them with state of art, ticket based support system.

In today’s competitive startup scenario customer retention is one of the major challenges. Handling client query diligently is all the difference between retaining or losing a long lasting relationship.

The current team of 12 is driven with passion of providing tools for managing consumer queries for strategic insights and helping companies take those decisive decisions. The current team includes Laravel and UI developers, Business Development executives and Quality Analysts.

Check Out This The automated Helpdesk System Faveo, Built By Entrepreneur, Philosopher Bhanu Pratap Singh SlathiaFaveo Team

Faveo has been integrated with 3 platforms and is continuously adding new features and platform integrations every month. Faveo can also be customized according to requirement.

The team aspiration is to become world’s most favored open source helpdesk application. Bhanu says that being Open source, self installable and customisable is the USP of their product. He adds-

“Faveo is white label and it allows you to use your own branding. Our product is not only easy on pocket but also allows unlimited agent usability and on top of that Faveo seamlessly integrates assigned email addresses with ticket generation system. All our customer are assigned dedicated accounts manager accompanied with the easy-to-use user portal, makes for a great user experience”

The product has approx 6 free downloads daily, about 15 paying customers. The venture claims 2500 unique visitors on website and 900 unique visitors on Github.

In the coming months Faveo will be adding some collaboration tools, launch Satellite HelpDesk and also work on Ticket and Time based billing. The team will also work on certain level of Gamification and Advance Automation.

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