Have you ever witnessed how difficult it gets when you are venturing out there to find sponsors for your events? If you have, then perhaps you are not the only one doing so. There are so many of us out there who have faced the same during the process of making sponsorship decisions, and securing access to timely sponsorship. One such startup is Onspon.

knowstartup-onspon2Onspon.com was founded with the objective of automating the process of making sponsorship decisions, and securing access to timely sponsorship.Having been on both sides of the table in respective times of their career, the team at Onspon understand how important it is for any event to secure sponsorship. They also fully understand how essential it is for a brand to find the most befitting / high ROI yielding avenues. And Onspon.com is a platform which aims to do just that!


Hitesh- CEO Onspon

Based out of Mumbai and founded in 2013, Onspon.com is the brain child of senior executives Hitesh and Shashank Sinha who have their pedigree from premier B-schools such as IIM / INSEAD, and best in class corporates and integrated marketing organizations globally. And in it’s first year of operations, Onspon.com now has  over 6000 event managers registered, and a brand reach of more than 300 brands.

Hitesh is the CEO and founder who has worked across 10+ Industries including Media & Entertainment, High Technology, Infrastructure, Logistics & FMCG . 14+ years in global leadership roles in P&L ownership, strategy & business development – speaker across multiple global forums on strategy and industry events. He was the recipient of the prestigious “IIM Ahmedabad Award of Academic Merit” and is the member of Executive Committee of IIMA alumni and Shashank Sinha is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and has actively been involved in the technology space with 15+ years of core technology experience. With a significant understanding of marketplace models, his last role was the head of engineering with Policy Bazar. The team is divided across three offices – Gurgaon, Navi Mumbai and Bangalore. Team is a perfect mix of event professionals, consulting, sports and operations background – and is super charged to create a significant traction in the space of revenue generation for events through high quality brands association


The idea of Onspon started when as the sponsorship manager of our college fests, we had to hunt down brands based on relationships rather than event metrices (and they were students – so had limited time and team size). Couple of years later, sitting on the brand side, when they had to plan a brand outreach – it was almost impossible to find / evaluate and close conversations with millions of events (local or happening across the world). Leave apart small events – it was difficult to even evaluate high decibel events like premier leagues on a single comparative chart.

Hence Onspon is the place where best events get access to millions of event audience and thousands of brands.

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