Well, while most of the ecommerce concentrate on women as their target audience, it is only fair enough to have a innovative venture that supports the needs of men around us. For men in general and young working professionals in particular, the major challenge that hampers their life at times is the herculean task of shopping, washing or ironing. One startup that has understood this task very well is OhLook.


OhLook is a fashion platform for men that allows them to wear a premium branded shirt everyday, without ever repeating it. Each week, consumer will receive a pack of 5 shirts, hand-picked by our fashion stylists, in alignment with user’s fashion preferences. Their aim is to help Men stay stylish effortlessly. They are currently working towards erasing Shopping, Washing and Managing Wardrobe, from men’s to-do list.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Founded in the year 2016, OhLook is based out of Hyderabad. OhLook was founded by Arshad Azad who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Armaan Azaad is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Veerashekar, a common friend, fills in the role of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). The team comprises eight employees thus far, including a fashion stylist.

OhLook is a subscription based fashion rental platform, only for men, that gives them an access to an unlimited wardrobe, so that they can wear a different shirt every single day. It allows men to rent trendy casual and sleek formal shirts from their website, all from premium brands , on a monthly subscription. Additionally with this service, men can now say goodbye to the hassles of managing their wardrobe like shopping, washing or ironing and say hello to being stylish, effortlessly. The monthly package of 20 shirts would cost the same one would spend to buy a single shirt.


The service is targeted to aid the young working professionals, who have tight schedules of work. Due to this lack of time for self-grooming, have to end up repeating clothes and sometimes show up with outdated outfits. By eliminating shopping, washing and ironing, OhLook aims to help their customers invest their time on things that matter. Also, they are eliminating one of the major challenges from one’s life: Deciding what to wear each day. With OhLook, you let the expert stylists decide what you wear through the week.

With OhLook by your side you will never wear the same shirt, ever. The customers get to wear premium branded shirts every day, all picked by fashion stylists exclusively for them, but without repeating a shirt ever throughout his subscription. Now that means, sporting a different look every single day of their life.

Their website was launched on June 20th and have so far attracted over 250 orders. They are currently a “Request-only” service. They were featured on the cover of India’s leading lifestyle magazine “You & I”, among the 6 startups to look out for in India. Additionally, they were also featured on many other news publications as well like The New Indian Express, The Hindu, BusinessLine among others.

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