Iksula is a leading commerce solutions provider for brands and retailers globally. Led by a team with over four decades of commerce experience, Iksula assists over a dozen billion dollar companies in managing their commerce operations seamlessly. Iksula helps brands and retailers realize superior economic performance by transforming their supply chain and retail operations for the digital era. Iksula is an e-Retail Strategy Consulting Company that helps their clients to setup and manage their online retail business. Iksula is responsible for designing and executing e-Retailing strategies for their clients which include FutureGroup, TATA, Tesco India, The Mobile Store, French Connection and many more.


According to a latest information, Integrated commerce solution provider Iksula has acquired US-based Blisstering Solutions, a software development company.

Founded in 2007, San Francisco-headquartered Blisstering Solutions specialises in multi-channel solutions integrating mobile, web, voice, SMS and social media into a single platform. These solutions can be for custom or multi-tenant SaaS product development, or for internal projects. Their clients include Sony, Netgear and Silicon Valley startups.

Speaking on the development, Iksula’s co-founder & CEO Samarjeet Singh mentioned,

“Blisstering is a great fit for Iksula. It is our vision to be the leaders in retail, media, governance and non-profit verticals providing world-class consulting, technology and operations solutions. With its deep technological expertise, exceptional talent, and experience with media and governance verticals, Blisstering will help us achieve it.”

Adding to this, Sunit Gala, CEO, Blisstering Solutions said,

“Our talent pool combined with Iksula’s global reach helps us reach a scale that would have taken more time to achieve independently. This acquisition brings together joint experience and expertise on one table. Our clients will be the biggest benefactors.”

Iksula aims at combining its ecommerce solutions with a range of other software-based solutions provided by Blisstering, strengthening its hold over the worldwide market of retail and end to end services.

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