Restaurant marketing is getting more interesting and sophisticated, which means that to stand out from this flood of brands in people’s everyday life, we have to be creative, resourceful in order to attract consumers’ interest and make them relate to the product. Augmented reality advertising adds the life to the static Menu Cards.

Well, this augmented reality Menu cards from distance looks normal, but when smartphones are projected before them, they become live. One startup that has been working in this direction is Rams Creative Technologies and their latest innovation is Yeppar.

Yeppar will be open self-service platform for users and brands owners around the world. This will be the new revolutionary medium for converting personal memories into real world through “marker image recognition”. The app recognizes memories, products, images and this recognition then triggers a response on a mobile device.

With their superior social augmented-reality application, users will able to make markers for keeping their memories, sharing their memories to world and brands for connecting their targeted consumers.

Jaipur based Yeppar is the brainchild of Ankush Sharma who is the CEO at Yeppar and Rahul Mangal who is the founder member of Yeppar. Both of them are working towards changing the way people interact with physical objects or how they get information about anything in an augmented way.

Having an Augmented Reality App for the restaurant helps you engage more customers, add more value and bring more revenue by transforming conventional traditional paper based menu system.

Diners coming to the restaurants can have interactive dining experience with the help of AR app. They could be able to select from different available seats and customize their tables. Besides, a multi-media menu allows them to see ingredients and nutritional information for any menu item in the form of 3D images.

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