Everyone wants to know the secret to success, which is why we all look up to role models such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. But one of the biggest lessons you can learn from them? It’s simply to worry only about the things that you can control, and ignore the rest.

Outstanding entrepreneurs focus on the goal; they don’t worry about mundane factors, or the risks that they are taking. They look and work toward the future.

While entrepreneurs may not be perfect, they do have one thing right—they realize that to achieve great things, you need to have a laser focus for what you are going for.

10 Things Extremely Positive Entrepreneurs Never Worry About

Here are the 10 Things extremely positive entrepreneurs never worry about,

1. They don’t worry about failing

Why worry about failing when there is so much to accomplish throughout the process even if you do fail? Outstanding entrepreneurs don’t worry about failure or even talk about it. They know that failure is an integral part of success. They know that they have to fail before they succeed.

2. They don’t worry about work/life balance

Most outstanding entrepreneurs view their work as play. They know that work should be something they are so passionate about that they want to always do it. Every other element in their life will always have a connection to their work. This way they don’t just work to live; they live to work.

3. They don’t worry about just making money

Outstanding entrepreneurs are not motivated or worried about making money. Rather than worry about money, they are focused on their passion. They work hard and focus on delivering value to the world around them. Yet somehow, this often pays off financially, even though it is not what they are worried about.

4. Others’ success

A common mistake we make is comparing the beginning of our journey to someone else’s middle. We really don’t know how long it took for someone else to get to where they are today. Just focus on making your own contributions to the world and let the days turn into years. In due time you too will be an icon.

And no matter what, always always always remember: Only YOU can do what YOU do the way that YOU do it.

5. What they didn’t do last week

Maybe last week wasn’t 100 percent productive, but those who are successful don’t worry about it. They’ve already moved on to what they can accomplish today.

6. They don’t worry about quitting

For the average person, there is always an exit strategy. But the entrepreneur is concerned with doing what needs to be done to succeed. If they have to quit, it means they want to re-energize and reinvent their approach.

7. Being safe

Successful entrepreneurs see life as an adventure. They don’t worry about being safe or doing the easy thing. They want to see and experience what life has in store for them each day.

8. Having smart employees

Great entrepreneurs don’t worry about hiring team members that are smarter than themselves. They realize that they need to hire the best if they want their companies to succeed. They look for the A-players, and they aren’t threatened by them.

9. They don’t worry about the rules

Rules were made to be broken. Most outstanding entrepreneurs function against the norm or what many may have considered to be the conventional approach. There is always an exception to the rule, and every entrepreneur wants to be in that sphere where they are not simply following the pack.

10. Being proved wrong

No one can always be right. But it is better to try rather than to get stuck on what will happen or what won’t. Outstanding entrepreneurs are concerned with taking action rather than whether they will be caught in the wrong or held responsible for their actions. They are concerned about the end goal and doing what is necessary.

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