When you are in a startup business you cant afford to be non productive. The need of the hour is to go lean. Lean simply means everything sans wastage!

Here are the lean principles that you need to make your mantra:

  1. Focus on your customer, provide them value, everytime- faster and better.
  2. Throughly understand your workflow, for only then you will be able to make it leaner.
  3. Do away with inefficiencies and wasteful practices.
  4. Remember, the best person to improve a process is the one who does it everyday, empower them.
  5. Sustainable process improvement is the way to go, remember, improvement is a continous process.

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Here are the 5 things that you simply need to cut down on to go lean.

1. Un-necessary meetings

It has been well established in surveys by employees that un-necessary meetings are on the top of list of things that waste time. If you can, control the number of meetings that your team has and attendees should only be the ones who have some input for the meeting. And more important than that is the fact that, you meetings should be crisp, with a set agenda which the meeting organizer needs to take charge and stick to.

2. Unnecessary reports

Unnecessary reports are not required. All the time that you spend on creating that intelligent looking report that has content already covered in some other report, can be utilized in some productive task. If at all reports are very important, keep them automated, so that they take the least out of your startup’s time and hence money.

3. Outdated processes and resistance to change

To be successful in this, you and everyone who works for you need to know their job in and out. Brainstorm on the complete workflow and think of process components that need to be replaced by newer leaner and less time consuming components. Also when you initiate a leaner process, know for sure that there will be resistance to change, so make it certain that you are and can make others convienced that it is for better.

4. Non-effective communication

Today, we are spoilt for choices of communication medium, email, chats, phone, meetings we have it all. But sadly we are not considering our choices wisely. Whenever you choose a medium , consider if it can be done effectively by some other means. An email conversation of 10 back and forth emails each of which would take you 10 mins, could have been sorted out in 15 min max by a phone call. Ofcource, you can send across a final email that keeps everyone on the same page w.r.t. to the decision taken.

5. Distractions

I know this might sound a little too strange, but on an average employees and employeers both waste 30-40 min in a 9 hour work day in casual conversations, getting distracted by other people who may be taken a call sitting next to them, people gossiping right into their. And this 30 min will become 1  full work day in less than a months time. Figure out for yourself, what suits you best to cut distractions!

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