Startups often arise from basic ideas that aim at making life simpler. It can be things as simple as getting your daily needs like food and groceries delivered at your footsteps or making bill payments as easy and hassel free as click of a button in the comfort of your homes.

SpeedMedicine, a startup born in the city of joy Kolkatta also aims at making life easier for its clients. With increasing health issues, not just among the elderly but school as well as office goers, the number of medicines that an average family consumes per day has also increased.

To add to it with the busy schedules that we have, you will agree that more often than not we miss out on taking our medicines on time. This is exactly where SpeedMedicine comes in.

Founded in 2015, by Navneet Makharia and Chetan Makharia, SpeedMedicine claims to simplify the medication process by providing customised medication refill management.

Its patented product ‘Speed Pac’ (innovative packaging) sorts daily medication according to time, date, day, quantity, and meal preference. Moreover, SpeedMedicine’s server sends patients free SMS reminders to take their medication on time.

Co-founder, Navneet Makharia, is an MBA in Finance from IMT Nagpur and did his B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from VIT University,Vellore. His leadership skills throughout his career fueled his entrepreneural journey.

Navneet is an energetic and hard working entrepreneur, who loves to be surrounded by positive minds. At SpeedMedicine he looks after the accounts and monitors the operation.

Chetan Makharia, who is the other Co-founder is also an MBA from S.P.JAIN (GLOBAL) and did his B.Tech in Mechanical and Chemical Engineering from VIT University, Vellore. He was the president for Student Life Chapter during his MBA, and also got a Govt.

Funding (TePP) during his Final Year Project at VIT. He monitors the web and app development along with overall growth and future strategy at SpeedMedicine. is born with the sole idea of streamlining the medication hassle faced by patients worldwide. The venture tries to make sure that their clients take the right medication at right time. Navneet tells

“At Speed Medicine, we customize the users medicines into sachets based on doctor’s prescription. One sachet for every time of medication. Patients also get a choice of getting SMS Reminders about their medications.”

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Chetan adds to this, telling us about the current 10 member team that made this venture a success:

“We have a strong belief in our team. With two MBAs and a doctor, speed medicine has a core team having expertise in information technology, pharmacy, accounting, marketing and operations. Dr. Kamlash Kothari, with his immense experience in this field, guides us at every step and turn.”

Their progress is closely monitored and advised by Jyoti Prakash Gadia, Founder and Managing Director of Resurgent India Ltd. He has more than 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. He holds to his credit educational degrees of CFA, CA, CS, MBA (Finance) and AICWA.

The startup is a pro at customization of end user’s prescribed medications into per sorted sachets along with timely reminders. This helps the patients to take the right dose at the right time, minimizing missing of medications, mixing and running out of medications.

The company claims to have around 5500 paid customers with an average order size of Rs 1100. The venture has registered more than 1000 downloads and a revenue of more than Rs 50 Lakh. Speed Medicine als0 plans to expand to Guwahati and Patna next in 2 months.

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