Ever wondered why iconic companies such as Google have such amazing offices where employees are happy and productive? What makes everyone enjoy working there so much? The answer is simple: their design strategy is creative, customized to every location and the offices are not just sad places designed to bring money. We could learn a thing or two from those examples and make our own workspaces more enjoyable with these tips..


1. Smart Setup

One of the most important factors in productivity is an office setup that considers how workers will actually use the space.Small desks and inadequate workspace can be an inconvenience to workers and result in frustration and disengagement.
A well-arranged office adjusts to the way employees work, and functions to create a convenient, easy-to-navigate environment. Workers are more relaxed and able to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Aesthetics are important in the modern office but should not take priority over efficiency.

2. A rooftop social space

It’s important to feel connected to nature and to the surroundings. So even if the office is in the middle of the city, away from forests and nature in general, there’s a way to revive that connection by creating a rooftop social area decorated with planters, perhaps even trees and from where the views can be admired.

3. Everything in it’s Place

Step one, invest in folders, filing systems, desk organizers, boxes- anything to prevent random stacks of paper. Not only will this likely reduce confusion, and time wasted sifting through piles of paper searching for the right document…but this strategy will also make your employees feel more organized and less stressed.

4. Choosing Stimulating Colors

Individual colors can be suitable for the working environment. Colors can have a significant influence on the mood of the employees. It can also help with productivity, creativity, and concentration of the workers.For eg. Blue is a color which is known for having a calming effect and is useful for increasing the productivity of the workplace,Yellow is a color which promotes optimism and creativity,If you want to inspire efficiency and calmness you need to choose the green color. It is an excellent option for places where people are working for long hours.

5. Plants

Plants are splendid for health and mood. Interacting with nature can have very positive effects on the mood but while working it is not possible to spend much time in the sunshine and greenery. You can make use of plants and spruce up the working space. They are an important factor in making your work efficient and they also offer a good visual. You can choose the plants which are low maintenance.

6. Personal Touches

Encourage your employees to style their desks with things they like. A little bit of office supply budget spent here will go a long way when it comes to employee happiness, productivity, and less absenteeism.Having stylish lamps, funky pen holders, or a usb coffee mug charger will make the whole office look great too.

7. Natural Light in the Workplace

Natural light lifts the spirits, reduces eye strain and makes workspaces appear larger. Natural light also regulates human circadian rhythms and helps trigger the production of Vitamin D. Properly utilising daylight in your workspace not only increases productivity but will save on energy bills.Place desks near to a window to maximise the amount of natural light which falls over your workspace. Reduce glare on your computer screen by placing it with its back to the light. This will position you towards the window while you work – glancing at the view every now and then stimulates thought and gives the eyes a break.Don’t block windows with storage cabinets; put these against windowless walls.

Environment is very important in a work setting, but it all depends on what kinds of work is taking place in the office. If the design of the office is not something that can be changed, simple changes can be added, like adding a few bright colors or plants. Think about the tone of your office space, and try a few of these additions. You might just notice a change in you and those working around you.

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