Education is one of the most important ingredients for human development. With the world becoming hi-tech by the day, it is only fare for the coaching centers to follow suite. One such platform that helps coaching centers to showcase their portfolio is StandYou.

StandYou is an information based data-driven online platform and marketplace for coaching institutes, fulfilling the coaching institute search need. StandYou offers a platform for the students to claim scholarships from the coaching institute, apply for the scholarship, avail discount in admission fee, buy discounted coaching programs, reading materials, test series and other educational ancillary services.

The entire web infrastructure of StandYou is dependent on the accuracy and relevancy of the data. StandYou provides an array of data-driven visualization and research tool to get deep insights of coaching institute’s educational data from where the conclusion is delivered.

Team StandYou
Team StandYou

Founded by Priyank Shrivastava, Tapesh Bhargava, Rajan Sharma, Kartic Kaushal and Nikunj Khandelwal in the year 2016, StandYou is based out of Jaipur.

StandYou creates Easy conclusion out of data and has Sophisticated analytics database. StandYou provide Business Intelligence for institutes, we are India’s first online data driven platform and marketplace for coaching institutes.

The main aim of StandYou is to improve the learning of students and teaching of coaching institutes, using Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics.

Use of Machine Learning in generating analysis report for the students. Using big data, they can extract insights for the teaching institutes, which will help them to improve the management, improve facilities, enhance their analytic capability, provide visual analytics, manage student information system and faculty information system.

StandYou plans to create Intelligent Tutor System which is a web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system, there is huge potential for artificial intelligence to create unique learning pathways for students when blended with online learning.

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