“Dipica Jerome” has started India’s first gaming cafe in Mumbai. This is a precious move done by a girl in india towards the development. Most of us just dream to have it. But, Dipica has made the dream come true starting “India’s First Ever Gaming Cafe”.

Even as video game parlours face extinction in Mumbai, Dipica, who is firmly at the heart of the city’s cosplay culture, is running a parlour which allows for practice sessions, live streams, LAN championships, and everything in-between.

A quite states, That gamers are unknown. But this wont meant for dipica. Setting up her own gaming parlour, She’s a well known haunt for the Khar’s gamers, Maximum Gaming was set up in 2009 and was the go-to spot for anything from practice sessions to LAN championships.

The café houses around 18 gaming PCs packed with Intel Core 2 Quads and Core i7s and is the first in the country to run on the most superior NVIDIA 3D technology, taikormade for heavy duty gaming. From being a marketing head at a fdigitall arts’ company to playing every game on every console in the book—Pacman, Dave, Prince Of Persia, Atari, PS2, PS3, Crysis, CNCG General and what not—Dipica has come a long way in establishing herself in the VR realm.

Dipica player numerous games in her earlier life.

 “ I used to play Pacman, Digger, Prince of Persia, Dave etc. Also played a lot on Atari, PS2 and PS3.” she says.

Her hunger towards gaming made her to play games every evening after her work. She used to gather with her gaming friends, Used to play Crysis, CNC Generals etc… Later decided to convert her passion to profession.
Then she decided to conver her Digital Institute into a gaming parlour with her friend “Alex D’Souza”.

“We really liked gaming and we also wanted the art of gaming to grow” And so Maximum Gaming turned from a dream into a reality.

If you’re ever in Khar, Bandra or in Mumbai, and you’re a true-blue gamer, Dipica’s Maximum Gaming Café is where you should head for intense and heavy duty gaming!

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