Google has denied a flurry of reports suggesting that it will let prospective employers see your browsing history through its new recruitment tool, Google Hire.

Google’s newest and most talked about the project right now is Google Hire, which has been hailed as the ‘Holy Grail’ of all job portals. And, in a smart move, Google has converted their own internal ‘Applicant Tracking System’ (ATS) into a public platform for all.

LinkedIn’s dominance in the job market, along with other major players such as Seek, Monster and Indeed are observing the developments very closely.

“Google Hire is a product under development that will help G Suite customers manage their hiring process more effectively. The product will allow employers to collect candidate applications online,” the spokesperson said.

Designed to let employers “manage their hiring process more effectively”, business owners will be able to post listings for a number of roles through the Google service, as well as tracking applicants for those roles through G-Suite.

The platform’s home page suggests both employers and employees can sign up for the service using their Google account, although sign-up functions are currently unavailable.

When it comes to jobs sites, Google is relatively late to the party. With the likes of LinkedIn and Monster dominating in the field, as well as Facebook’s recent move into the job market, things might be tough for Google Hire.

Although Google is a huge company, it hasn’t been all that successful in certain markets it’s entered of late, with the Google+ social network being a prime example.

To stand a chance, Google will need to do something more intuitive and interesting than the competition. And as Google+ reminds us, it will need to be more than just a new thing tacked on to your existing Gmail account.

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