We all love to travel, however, the more one travels, the more they realize that there is a huge scope of improvement as far as the transport operations are concerned. One startup that has been working towards improving this area is Sun Telematics Pvt. Ltd.

Sun Telematics is a software company, essentially providing application platforms using telematics tools for transportation domain. They offer a wide variety of end-to-end telematics applications to their clients, that helps them to enhance their efficiency in various transport operations and thereby saving a huge amount of transportation costs for their company.

At Sun Telematics, their skilled team of experts understands the needs of their clients, analyze them, and then set to design and deploy the advanced cutting edge solutions at the most affordable cost.

They innovate and deliver the technologically advanced solutions & seamless services to their customers for optimizing their fleets. Their unparalleled application designs are continuously addressing the painful areas in transport verticals like Corporate Transport, FMCG, Pharma, School Transport & Logistics.

Founded by Antony Sheen and SasiKumar Armugham, Sun Telematics is based out of Bangalore and was founded in the year 2013. Antony is a post-graduate in management from LIBA with more than 25+ years of experience in Telecom & Telematics domain.

SasiKumar Armugham is a post-graduate in Computer Science with 15+ years of experience catering to Logistics sector with Telematics Technology. Their skilled team of experts understands the needs of their clients, analyzes them, and then set to design and deploy the advanced cutting edge solutions at the most affordable cost. Currently, they are a 80 strong team of passionate and innovative individuals.

Their innovative product ‘DRIVE’ is an advanced Transport Management platform designed for corporates and transport vendors to manage all types of transportation needs such as Corporate Employee Transportation, Shuttle Service, Outstation Trips, Intra-City Package trips et al.

It helps corporates and transport vendors in End-to-end automation of transport operations, Optimisation of trips using Routing and Scheduling, provides real-time analytics, Allows cross utilization of vehicles, Ensures employee safety & security and Manage multiple customer demand channels.

DRIVE is a web/mobile based solution, hosted on cloud, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime using internet. It allows the Transport Vendors/Supervisors to Manage bookings, Automated dispatch of vehicles, Improve vehicle utilisation, Track on-going trips, View MIS reports and many more. Our fleet management dashboard provides a quick overview of all the trips and lists out the issues that need to be addressed immediately.

The application also provides various insights on long-term strategic view of transport operations and profitability analysis for the same. DRIVE is a plug and play product, and can be used by any transport vendor or corporate, without investing much on hardware infrastructure.

For corporates, this solution empowers them to manage different facilities and transport vendors from a single centralized team. Live Dashboard enables tracking of trips which may be delayed, and assists in taking real time corrective action.

Fleet Supervisor is equipped to make dynamic changes to routes and assign new vehicle in case of breakdown. DRIVE solution connects all the parties involved in transport operations -Driver, Transport Supervisor, Transport Manager and the Customer/Corporate Employee – through mobile apps that enable them to stay connected on a common platform and allows exchange of information in real-time to take decisions instantly.

Their Innovative solution helps the corporates to manage their operations efficiently, ensures employee safety, and results in huge cost savings of upto 20%.

They are extensively working to maximize the number of fleet vehicles on their DRIVE Platform. They are intended to help the unorganized transport sector to operate optimally & professionally, so that they can be compared to any of the operators in the organised sector.

They will also strive to bring in demand into the platform by bringing travel aggregators who are into providing Tours & Travel Packages and Corporates, who want to use this platform for their employee domestic travel. Their vision for the future is to become the largest aggregator for supply in the cab industry.

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