Chatbots is impacting to businesses of all kinds from a customer service, marketing, and sales. They are allowing companies across the world to automate their processes, thus streamlining their operations for maximum efficiency.

It is probably the most understandable piece of technology for the wide audience. The reason is simple – everyone understands how they work and see their usefulness in the action. Moreover, they already can bring our life closer to the point where all redundant things will be distributed to the virtual agents.

10 Amazing chatbot platforms that will rule in 2018 and beyond

Here are the 10 amazing chatbot platforms that will rule in 2018 and beyond,

1. Chatfuel

Chatfuel is a useful tool for non-skilled developers. It allows you to create AI chatbot in Facebook You can refer to the external sources with the help of plugins and make your own chatbot. You can expect the platform to open itself to third-party plugins making it easier for anyone to contribute with their own plugins.

The chatbot can be configured to recognize certain words and phrases and send predefined answers to users. It can send automated answers to common, and most frequently asked questions.

2. ChattyPeople

Chattypeople is the best chatbot platform for creating an AI chatbot on Facebook with integrated Facebook commerce. With Chattypeople you can create a Facebook message both quickly and easily, no coding required.

The platform’s simplicity makes it ideal for entrepreneurs and marketers in smaller companies, while its technology makes it suitable for enterprise customers.

You can make a simple bot answering customer service questions or integrate it with Shopify to monetize your Facebook fan pages. ChattyPeople is where f-commerce and ai-commerce come together. Chattypeople is 100% free to get started.

3. Microsoft Bot Framework

The Bot Framework includes Bot Builder to give you the tools you need to develop bots. Bot Builder is an open-source SDK with support for .NET, Node.js, and REST.

The Azure Bot Service provides an integrated environment that is purpose-built for bot development, enabling you to build, connect, test, deploy, and manage intelligent bots, all from one place. You can write your bot in C# or Node.js directly in the browser using the Azure editor. Your bot is automatically deployed to Azure.

4. Smooch

Smooch acts as a connector between messenger apps like WeChat, Line, Facebook Messenger and business apps like Front, Zendesk, Scout and the rest.

Once Smooch is configured, it would let your business app get all the incoming chat notifications sent by the messaging apps. Smooch lets you answer all the queries/conversations coming in from customers right from the business app itself.

Chatbot connectors (Smooch comes with connectors) let you create chatbots and connect them to the messaging channel of your choice to start conversations with your customers.


MEOKAY is one of the top tools to create a conversational Messenger bot. It makes it easy for both skilled developers and non-developers to take part in creating a series of easy to follow steps. Within minutes, you can create conversational scenarios and build advanced dialogues for smooth conversations. Once you are done, link and launch your brand new chatbot.

6. Botsify

Botsify is another Facebook chatbot platform that helps make it easy to integrate chatbots into the system.

Its paid subscription helps you in five easy steps. 1) Log into the site, 2) Connect your Facebook account, 3) Setup a webhook, 4) Write up commands for the chatbot you are creating, and 5) Let Botisfy handle the customer service for you. If the paid services are a little too much, they do offer a free service that lets you create as many bots as your lovely imagination can dream up.

7. Beep Boop

If you are looking for another paid platform, Beep Boop may be your next stop. It is a hosting platform that is designed for developers looking to make apps for Facebook Messenger and Slack specifically.

First, set up your code using Github, the popular version control repository and Internet hosting service, then input it into the Beep Boop platform to link it with your Facebook Messenger or Slack application. The bots will then be able to interact with your customers with real-time chat and messaging.

8. Facebook Messenger Platform

Have you checked out Facebook Messenger’s official page lately? Well, now you can start building your own bot directly through the platform’s landing page.

This method though, may be a little bit more complicated than some of the previous ways we’ve discussed, but there are a lot of resources that Facebook Messenger provides in order to help you accomplish your brand new creation. Through full-fledged guides, case studies, a forum for Facebook developers, and more, you are sure to be a chatbot creating professional in no time.

9. Telegram Bots

Build a bot directly from one of the top messaging apps themselves. By building a bot in Telegram, you can easily run a bot in the application itself. The company recently open-sourced their chatbot code, making it easy for third-parties to integrate and create bots of their own.

Their Telegram API, which they also built, can send customized notifications, news, reminders, or alerts. Integrate the API with other popular apps such as YouTube and Github for a unique customer experience.

10. BotKit

A toolkit can be integral to getting started in building chatbots, so insert, BotKit. It gives a helping hand to developers making bots for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twilio, and more.

This BotKit can be used to create clever, conversational applications which map out the way that real humans speak. This essential detail differentiates from some of its other chatbot toolkit counterparts.

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