The plans to make electric vehicles the main source of transport has been doing rounds for a long time now. With this view in mind, Ola has partnered with Indian Oil to launch India’s First Electric Vehicle Charging Station In Nagpur. The charging station has been launched at one of Indian Oil’s petrol/diesel stations in Nagpur.

In May, the orange city became the first in India to introduce a fleet of 200 electric vehicles, including taxis, buses, e-rickshaw and autos, for public transport. While Mahindra Motors announced that it would be supplying 100 e2O Plus electric vehicles, Nagpur authorities procured the remaining 100 vehicles from Tata Motors, Kinetic, US electric vehicle maker Build Your Dreams (BYD), and TVS, among others.

Speaking about the development, Murali Srinivasan, Executive Director of Indian Oil, stated,

“As India’s leading oil refiner and marketer, IndianOil considers promoting ecological sustainability as part of its core business. Thus, this partnership with Ola is the right step forward as we re-imagine how India will commute in the coming years.”

He further added,

“We applaud Ola for building the Electric Vehicle eco-system from a nascent stage in Nagpur and are happy to partner with them in their efforts. EVs have the ability to solve some of the key issues we are currently facing with respect to vehicular pollution and air quality; and as a large-scale mobility platform, Ola can bring about a catalytic change,”

Earlier in December 2016, it was reported that Ola might deploy a million electric vehicles in the next five years in partnership with a carmaker and the Government of India.

Ola founder Bhavish Agrawal while speaking on the occasion mentioned,

“India has the need as well as the potential to set a global example of electric adoption to power its mobility needs. We are excited about how this could transform the mobility experience for millions of citizens, unlock immense opportunity for driver partners and positively impact the environment and quality of life in our cities. We believe that Electric Mobility in a multi-modal format will be key towards realising our mission of building mobility for a billion Indians.”

There has been a 37.5% rise in the sale of EVs in India in recent years. The market for electric vehicles is growing rapidly in India, thanks to the government’s unceasing efforts to make India an all-electric nation by 2030.

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