Ever tried to organise an event! If the answer is yes, then we are sure that there would have been times you would have wondered how different things could be had there been an online platform to ease out the pain of planning and coordinating and most importantly the ticketing part of it.

And, if your answer is “No”, then we suggest that you give a thought to doing it in near future. Because we now have a do-it-yourself platform to revolutionize online ticketing known as Springlr.

Springlr is an Indian startup incepted in 2017 by a travel enthusiast Kamlesh Meghwal, to bring a hassle-free online ticketing. They bring new audiences to events and new events to relevant audiences.

Kamlesh Meghwal has more than 5 years of experience working for early age startups. He wears multiple hats at a time. He is a startup enthusiast and has specialized in technologies, marketing strategies, SEO etc. he has a close knot team where Divya is the co-founder who takes care of operations and marketing.

Madhurima takes care of content writing. Bhaben is well versed with digital marketing and they also have a few interns working for them to make this journey excited. It was with a view to provide a unique platform to all the travellers around the globe, where they can crawl events, activities created by fellow travellers or allow them to create their own, Kamlesh set up the Bangalore based Springlr.

Springlr is a do-it-yourself platform to revolutionize online ticketing. They provide organizers a unique platform to create or sell ticket of any kind of events such as trips, travel, activities, meetups etc.

Within a minute, they can have their own event page for marketing and promotion and all for free of cost. Organizers will have freedom of managing their event tickets, audiences without any intervention. So, in short it is a one stop platform to explore and book trips, tours, events, activities around you or create your own with just three steps and share.

Springlr allows users to manage their events, attendees We support both free and paid events. It’s in public beta mode and they are currently working at generating traffic. The target for this year will be entirely on user-acquisition and adding more revenue models.

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your thinking cap and plan that upcoming event that you have always been wishing to organise.

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