In today’s competitive world, it is important and inevitable to provide students an easy-to-use platform where they can find tutors, engage them in a virtual classroom environment, and be provided all of the supplementary study material that they need. One startup that does all this and more is Brainnr.


Brainnr is a new age Edu-Tech startup operating out of Mumbai and Bangalore. Their vision is to become the online destination for the curious minded, the academic, the inspired, and the ambitious learners of the world. Based out of Mumbai in late 2015, Brainnr was founded by a diverse group of achievers from Bangalore, Mumbai, and America. They believe that the future of learning is online, and that innovative software can present almost any solution. With their live, online tutoring platform they intend to cross international boundaries so that anyone, anytime, anywhere, can teach and learn.


Founder – Brainnr

Brainnr was founded by Devavrat Jatia and Ujjawal Misra. Devavrat Jatia is a young and dynamic 23 year old Founder of  Brainnr is a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (B.B.A.), Finance, Economics from Bryant University America. He is a self-styled third generation entrepreneur who started working at a naive age of 16 , with an aim to explore the opportunities in Education sector. The purpose of Brainnr is to provide students an easy-to-use platform where they can find tutors, engage them in a virtual classroom environment, and be provided all of the supplementary study material that they need. Brainnr’s mission is to eliminate the need to travel to see a tutor and vice versa, and to improve upon the learning experience through technological innovation. Prior to Brainnr, Devavrat was a Business developer at a start-up AfterShip, in Hong Kong and a Marketer in the Realty space in Dubai. He has a vast global experience in the manufacturing, real-estate and technology sector. The team currently consists of Philip Sparks and Devavrat Jatia.

At Brainnr, anyone can learn, anytime and anywhere. Brainnr currently has forty teachers under contract to sell their services on the platform, more than 15,000 questions of free practice test content, and over 150 active users from India,the SAARC region, Middle East, and Egypt within two weeks of going live. The forty teachers have been trained and certified by top IGCSE examiners from Mumbai.Brainnr currently has 1600 users on the platform

The founding team of Brainnr chose IGCSE as the curriculum to test their traction, but moving forward, Brainnr will be inclusive of ICSE, CBSE, IB, and others in order to truly offer this service to everyone in India and in every other country where these curriculums are being studied. Brainnr is currently seeking a Series A round of investment for a multitude of purposes including the improvement of their technologies, development and implementation of further support processes, an increase in content volume, and to successfully make this service available across the globe.

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