In today’s fast moving world, as a parent one is always worried about the wellbeing of their children. A large number of parents are now a part of 9-6 work culture. The busy lifestyle has created a large communication gap between parents & teachers.

Parents are worried about security of their child and day-to-day academic progress, whereas Educational Institutes are under pressure of academics and compliances. Therefore, precise communication is a big challenge faced by Parents as well as Educational Institutes. This is where 360Track comes to picture.

360Track helps parents and educational institutes to be on the same platform and communicate seamlessly with each other and thus efficiently contribute to child’s academic growth. With a vision to empower Educational Institutes by making their operations secured, automated & organized, 360Track aims at achieving the overall growth through cutting-edge technology, superior user experience, innovation & staying relevant to market needs.

360Track is the brainchild of Mayur Dabhade and Swapnil Dabhade. The startup is based out of Thane/Mumbai and was founded in the year 2016. Mayur is a technology enthusiast and an entrepreneur, Mayur is Founder & CEO of The Horizon Technologies, Thane and is well-versed with technology and advertising design on digital platforms.

Under his leadership, the company has registered impressive growth with more than 150 clients within 3 years from its inception and today is known as one of the fastest growing Digital Agency. With the vision of empowering educational institutes, Mayur co-founded 360Track Systems on 23rd April 2016.

He works as CEO of the company. He is supported by Swapnil Dabhade who is a software engineer by education, Swapnil is Co-founder and Business Head at The Horizon Technologies a Digital Agency based in Thane. Very passionate about his work, Swapnil also works as Social Media Strategist & Consultant for Start-up companies.

Swapnil is also a Co-founder and CMO of a tech-startup 360Track Systems. They together handle a team of enthusiastic and skilled people which includes Software Developers, Electronics Engineers, Designers and Digital Media Strategists.

360Track helps parents and educational institutes to be on the same platform and communicate seamlessly with each other and thus efficiently contribute to child’s academic growth. 360Track solution consists of a Device, Smart Cards, SMS service, Online Software and Mobile App.

The device is affixed at entrance of institute (coaching classes/ school/ college). As soon as student taps the Smart Card to the Device, SMS is send to his/ her parent immediately. The Device is linked to the Online Software.

The Software also comes with additional features wherein the class teachers can mark the student’s attendance, put up notes of their homework or class activities. The 360Track Mobile App allows parents to access their child’s information on the go using iOS, Android or Windows Phone apps.

Some of the features that 360Track offers are

  • Sends SMS at the moment and without operator
  • Being cloud-based, can be access from anywhere, any time
  • The device also captures & stores data locally in offline mode
  • It gives access to Institute, Teachers, Parents & Students, bringing all of them on a common platform
  • Book keeping becomes super-easy & hassle-free
  • 360Track routes out up-front infrastructure investments by employing Solution-as-a-service model. This also eliminates maintenance headache for school- device gets replaced for free.
  • Call support for Institute, Teachers as well as parents.
  • Everything is in-house: The product is conceptualized, developed and manufactured in-house.

The 360Track team has a plan to set-up Pan India Channel Partner network withing the next year and reach up to as many institutes as possible. As they outsource complete sales though channel partners network, their focus will be on Branding, R&D and Product Enhancement.

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